Hashish staff in Illinois search union formation

In Illinois, the teams behind four cannabis dispensaries have agreed to unionize, but more workers in Sauget are trying to meet similar requirements. In the St. Louis Metro East area, workers are fighting for more opportunities, a better work environment, and a promise to support and improve local communities.

Most workers in the cannabis industry enjoy the work they do. They don’t mind watching the companies they work for expand alongside legalization. However, they also hope to improve their own lives with this extension.

Take Ian Spaeth as an example: “I absolutely love my job,” he said told KSDK. “Personally, I like Jushi a lot [Holdings]. I love watching them grow and I hope they decide to let us grow with them. “

Currently, four cannabis dispensaries across Illinois have partnered. Many believe this will become the standard as larger companies keep doing business. And chances are they will.

The difficulty in the cannabis industry is that it’s almost impossible to start a business if you don’t have capital. There are certainly mom and pop shops in various constitutional states, but they are nowhere near as widespread in this branch as in the food industry, for example. The main reason for this is that it is extremely difficult for entrepreneurs get a business loan for a cannabis company.

The unfortunate truth is that most of those who fought for legalization do the hard work in the end. In the meantime, those who already have a hefty bag are the only ones financially able to run a successful legal cannabis store.

Of course, this is not necessarily a problem for everyone. Many of those who do the trimming and dumping enjoy the work they do. But if they want to continue this career path, they want protection.

Now that the battle for legalization is over in many parts of the country, the battle for union formation in this industry continues.

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