Hashish use lounges in Nevada are anticipated to open in 2022

Nevada’s cannabis industry will have a new way to reach consumers with marijuana use lounges slated to open next year, a potential boon for businesses in a state that receives a large influx of tourists annually.

The prospect of a launch in 2022 came to light when the state’s interim finance committee approved the funding to help the Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) oversee the new lounges, according to the Nevada Independent.

“Everything is going as planned, we will not only see the opening of the lounges – at least in the first quarter or in the first half of 2022 – but will also begin to realize this income in the first part.” According to the news agency CCB Executive Director Tyler Climates.

State lawmakers approved a bill in June that creates two types of licenses for cannabis use lounges.

Nevada’s casinos and hotels do not allow cannabis use on-site, so marijuana lounges would provide options for Nevada visitors and residents who live in apartments or other residential settings that are not conducive to marijuana use.

The Independent reported that 59 marijuana retailers have expressed an interest in opening consumption lounges.

According to the news agency, the Interim Finance Committee approved the $ 10.9 million allocation for the Cannabis Compliance Board to hire 23 full-time employees.

These positions would take on, among other things, the licensing of lounges for marijuana use, compliance checks, background checks and determining lounge suitability.

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