High New York lawmakers say the marijuana legalization invoice was handed forward of the governor’s negotiations

As we all deal with the development and approval of the legal cannabis market in our country, New York is still in the process of finalizing the law to legalize adult marijuana. New York hopes the third time is the appeal, but things seem to hit a roadblock again.

For starters, New York has the potential to become one of the largest marijuana markets in the world. However, the existing medical cannabis framework is heavily regulated and many people, including their experts, wonder how the market will react once the recreational bill is passed.

Let’s delve deeper into this matter. Currently, a leading New York City legislature said on Wednesday that New York should pass a law it has introduced to legalize marijuana before entering into negotiations with the governor’s office on the separate cannabis plan it recently revealed.

The main downside of this is that the current adult legalization law has the major differences from what Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) and his proposal include. Things like home growing, budget, additional marijuana-related services and so on. Congregation majority leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes (D) stated that the legislature should first pass its laws and then work with Cuomo and his office to find a middle ground.

This is to prevent another breakdown in the negotiations on the details that occurred the last two times the governor legalized his budget request. According to Spectrum News, Stokes (D) said, “In some ways I am pleased that the governor has tabled another proposal. But I think this is honestly the third time he has done this and so I think it is right for us as legislators to approve the bill that does this [Sen. Liz Krueger (D)] and I’ve been wearing it for six years. ”

She also mentions the floor should approve her bill and then negotiations could begin with Cuomo’s team / gov. Andrew Cuomo. Obviously, this has gotten a lot of attention in the cannabis industry as people get impatient. A final New York budget is slated to pass by April 1, which means the top member of the congregation wants lawmakers to pass the lawmaking law within the next few weeks.

Crystal Peoples-Stokes (D) outlined a specific problem with the governor’s proposal, namely the concern for social justice. Stokes (D) explained that Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan to use a portion of the marijuana tax revenue for equity grants for communities hardest hit by the drug war was a step in the right direction but should be codified in law . She goes on to say that she believes it is a much bigger process and that it cannot go from year to year. Especially when Cuomo is no longer governor because governor is not a lifelong position. It takes a lot more attention to detail and an ongoing process for something like this to really have an impact on the lives of people affected by the war on drugs. She therefore believed that this must be set out in law that would only be fair for years to come.

Another provision that has seen differences that have created delays is the governor’s plan to increase penalties for selling marijuana to anyone under the age of 21, making it a class D crime punishable by incarceration becomes. In some cases, two and a half years (2.5) in prison instead of an offense as it is now. Peoples-Stoke believes that a crime at the crime level is disproportionate. There are some things like this that will require additional discussions after the bill is passed. You could negotiate and come up with the right bill that has the right implications.

Much remains to be fixed as articles said their approach to this policy is to “save lives” while Cuomo (D) appears to be largely interested in bridging the government budget gap while promoting social justice address to some extent. Sources have stated that as a society they would not heal until they can fix these problems, or, in the words of Peoples-Stokes, “We are not going to get things where they need to be.”

There’s also the controversial add-on component in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plan. Home growing would not be permitted if other states had approved up to six (6) plants for personal use. However, the governor sees adults 21 and over differently when they can buy and grow cannabis themselves. There are several views on this issue that need to be resolved.

Finally, the tax revenues that Andrew Cuomo’s plan is proposing are as follows: A three tier tax system for recreational cannabis products. One is based on the THC content to be applied at the wholesale level, a 10.25% surcharge tax at the time of purchase by consumers, and third, applicable state and local sales taxes. Because of this, the government predicts the state will collect $ 350 million annually in marijuana tax revenue as part of the ongoing program.

As the governor has stated in the past, “the pressure will be on” to legalize cannabis in the state and approve it “this year”. Hopefully, we’ll see what changes have been made for New York over the course of 2021 in the months ahead.

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