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Question: Some licensed producers that are good value for money?

I believe that good quality cannabis should be available to everyone. Here are some legal brands that I recommend.


Redecan is a family owned and operated company with 30 years of experience in the agricultural sector. Operating out of the Niagara escarpment, Ontario, the company is a licensed medical manufacturer under ACMPR. Redecan offers a wide range of affordable product options that range from dried flowers to pre-rolled packs of 10, tinctures and capsules. Check out their 420 mg CBD tincture, their 15 pack of 5 mg THC capsules, and their Wappa 10 pack pre-rolls.

Ontario Cannabis Store

THC Biomed

This medicinal producer aimed to bring sustainable organic cannabis to the masses. Grown and produced in Kelowna, BC, THC Biomed primarily focuses on flower production with six strains available to the recreational market. Your only exception to growing flowers is the first drink. The 10 mg THC Kiss Liquid Shot THC Biomed branding offers a nostalgic recall to the pre-regulated cannabis market with flowers that offer the quality of the pre-regulated industry. I recommend the THC CBD Biomed, a 2: 1 CBD to THC flower that offers a balance between relaxation and productivity.

Pure solar farms

Pure Sun Farms has been growing and cultivating in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia for 25 years. The team that has worked closely with the country for so long has its advantages. It has been collecting environmental data from the region for over a decade and applying this knowledge to its plants on a plant-by-plant basis. As the name suggests, the greenhouse uses the light, heat and energy of the sun to adapt the growing environment of your plants. They have a wide range of products that range from dried flowers in various quantities, pre-rolls, seeds, vape cartridges, and CBD tinctures.

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