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CALIFORNIA: Eaze, California’s largest legal cannabis marketplace, today released its sixth annual Eaze Insights State of Cannabis report. The 2020 report, How Cannabis Consumers Reacted to the Crisis, examines the aggregate consumer trends that are driving the world’s largest cannabis market in a year marked by unprecedented cultural, economic and health challenges.

The report sums up Eaze’s proprietary data to illustrate the behavior of the 400,000+ consumers who shopped through the platform in 2020. With 6.5 million legal shipments completed to date, Eaze can provide unique insights into the 2020 impact on consumption and uncover generalizable patterns of marketing nationally and globally.

The main results include:

  • Consumers were reliant on cannabis supplies during quarantine. Consumer demand driven by COVID-19 resulted in a significant increase in the number of new deliveries and order size.
  • Social justice demands increased equity marks. 2020 saw greater demand for social equity products, underscoring the increased awareness of consumers – especially those over 30 years of age – of the importance of brands owned by BIPOC.
  • Edibles won the year. Food has become the most popular product category in all major markets and age groups, reflecting the public health focus on the effects of COVID on the respiratory system. Cannabis drinks particularly benefited from the switch to Zoom socializing.
  • A hard holiday season increased consumption. During the 2020 winter vacation, consumers consumed more cannabis than many celebrated without their families.
  • Cannabis helped us stay sexy at home. Increasingly, consumers relied on weeds to increase their sexual satisfaction with home orders.
  • Cannabis won the 2020 election. The legalization of cannabis in Arizona, New Jersey, Montana, and South Dakota united voters on both sides of the aisle and outperformed presidential candidates in key states. In Arizona, Mississippi, and New Jersey, cannabis received more votes than any presidential candidate. Meanwhile, consumer concern fueled demand as the votes were counted.

“During this year of crisis, cannabis has become an essential product and a political issue,” said Ro Choy, CEO of Eaze. “Consumers who relied on delivery during the pandemic and policymakers in emerging markets should look at the data and anticipate how robust the demand for legal delivery will be in their communities. The report also shows consumer excitement for social equity brands and reiterates that putting money in the pockets of BIPOC entrepreneurs is good business and a direct way to tackle the war on drugs. “

You can find the full report here.

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