“I am going up tonight, however my dad and mom decide me up early within the morning. How do I select the suitable weed selection for me? ‘

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Vapes are also becoming a very popular product with so many new models coming out for both flowers and concentrates. For information on vapes, see Pineapple Express 510 and 7Acres Sativa PAX Pod. The concentrates themselves were also requested by more seasoned consumers in the industry.

Do questions differ from different age groups?

Absolutely. Customers of young adult ages are more familiar with cannabis and ask specific questions about strains and smoking, while our older populations are much more interested in CBD or THC products that do not use combustion and inhalation. Due to their non-psychoactivity, topics are also becoming increasingly important for our older customer base. Smoke-free alternatives are more popular with older generations, while younger people focus more on vaping or flowers (like 7ACRES – Jack Haze) who are budget conscious and have the highest THC for the price.

What if a customer asks, I’m going up Friday night, but my parents pick me up early Saturday morning. Are there any products that should wait for another day?

Because of the nature of the foods and the way they stay in your system, it’s always best to stick to something that has a low dose in it if you consume it the night before. Similarly, oils can also have longer lasting effects compared to smoking, as they have to travel through your body to be absorbed. If you have to wake up early I would avoid smoking heavy indica strains with high THC levels, oils with a high concentration of THC, or ingesting multiple 10 mg foods before bed. Stick to a low dose or smoke a nice medium strain of THC to make sure you don’t wake up with that uncomfortable lightheadedness.

Are there any products that make good Christmas gifts?

For a beginner to cannabis, some of the drinks can be a great introduction to someone who is just starting out with cannabis but is more familiar with the use of alcohol. Many of the drinks have a balanced amount of THC and CBD which means there is a nice holistic mind-AND-body effect that is not overwhelming, just a pleasant buzz. Mollo is a fantastic option as it is a non-alcoholic beer that contains 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD: a great starting point for newbies!

Ontario Cannabis Store

In conversation with customers asking for effects and recommendations, how do you navigate to the information you want to share and what not?

We have to be extremely delicate in these situations, and the most important thing I find is to say right away that I am in no way a doctor and in no way am able to talk about what will “work” for it Person. Everyone has a different biological make-up. As long as customers know that you are not guaranteeing a cure or result, they are often more than willing to go through this process of trial and error to find a product that is right for their particular situation.

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