“I really feel safer working in a hashish enterprise than in eating places.”

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How does your family feel about what you are doing?

For the most part, my family has been fairly open to my job. I was an avid cannabis user before starting mīhī, so I was able to speak to my family in advance and talk to them about the other benefits of cannabis. I think the stigma surrounding cannabis and propaganda so aggressively passed on to my parents’ generation is a major reason why this mentality still exists that it is “the devil’s salad”.

Are you trying the products you sell to get a better understanding?

Yes of course I do! Before I became a budtender, I worked in the restaurant industry for six years. To deal with stress and pain, I used cannabis. Now that I have background knowledge of this industry, I can understand the products better not only for myself, but also for the consumer. Now I write reviews to my co-workers and eagerly search Leafly or Reddit for people’s opinions on the latest strains.

Has working with cannabis changed your relationship with it?

My relationship with cannabis has changed, but for the better. The training offered by mīhī opened a door for me that I never really knew I would be interested in. Learning about cannabinoids, the different terpenes and their effects piqued my interest and now I can comfortably speak to consumers about the topic. my friends and family. This definitely helped explain the various benefits and properties cannabis can offer the public.

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