Idaho lawmakers are launching legalization measures towards marijuana

Idahoers received a vote of confidence that marijuana legalization could come one day after the death of a proposed constitutional amendment in the State House that would have prevented MJ from being legalized without the approval of two-thirds of lawmakers.

The Associated Press reported that the Senate amendment had failed by 42-28 votes. The measure took 47 votes to move forward.

Democratic members of the House unanimously opposed the amendment, and even some strictly Conservative members of the Republican-run House joined them to stop the move.

Idaho remains one of only three states in the U.S. with no legalized marijuana, but legalization campaigners have been given support to put an initiative in the vote in 2022.

Efforts to prevent cannabis legalization in Idaho were another example of new tricks anti-marijuana advocates are using to stop the ripple effect of state legalization in the United States

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