In keeping with Uber CEO, the corporate can launch hashish supply

NEW YORK – In an interview with CNBC’s TechCheck this week Uber Technologies, Inc. managing Director Dara Khosrowshahi told Carl Quintanilla that the delivery platform could begin delivering cannabis once the plant is legal at the federal level.

“When the path is clear for cannabis, when federal laws come into play, we will definitely be looking at this [providing cannabis delivery]”Khosrowshahi said.” But right now we see so many opportunities in grocery, food, liquor, etc., and we will focus on the opportunities that arise.

Cannabis wouldn’t be the company’s first foray into adult consumer products. In February 2021, the company acquired Drizly, the leading on-demand alcohol market in the United States, for a cool $ 1.1 billion in stocks and cash.

“Wherever you want to go and whatever you need, our goal at Uber is to make people’s lives a little easier. So we branched out into new categories like food, recipes and now alcohol, ”Khosrowshahi said at the time. “By adding Drizly to the Uber family, we can accelerate this journey by introducing Drizly to the Uber audience and expanding its geographic footprint to our global footprint in the years to come.”

It remains to be seen when cannabis will be legal at the federal level. However, a recent Gallup poll found that public support for legalization has hit an all-time high in 2020. This may suggest that we might see Uber Cannabis delivery in the not too distant future.

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