Indiana lawmakers are proposing leisure hashish invoice

Vanessa Summers, Indiana State Representative, believes it is time for her state to legalize recreational cannabis and proposed a bill that would do so.

House bill 1154 would legalize cannabis and set up a cannabis regulator (CRA) to handle the regulation and approval of parties like growers, processors, pharmacies and cannabis researchers.

Tristate Homepage reports that the bill has some notable similarities to the bill Cannabis regulation and tax law, which legalized recreational cannabis in the state last year. It allows people age 21 and older to purchase regulated amounts of cannabis products for personal use in a state bordering Indiana.

“We’ll end up surrounded by states that have legalized cannabis,” explains Summers said. “That means our people will cross the border, get legal weed, and bring it back to Indiana. I just think it’s a problem that the time has come. “

Rep. Summers also joined leaders in other states in re-emphasizing the importance of the extermination process due to the effects of the war on drugs in disadvantaged communities.

“We have African Americans be arrested three times more often and have this on their file than anyone else, “Summers said. “For me, it would help the black and brown communities tremendously.”

Geneva Brown is a CARPLS attorney in the neighboring state of Illinois. CARPLS Legal Aid is one of 20 nonprofits across Illinois that are part of the New Lear Initiative that helps people complete the deletion process. Brown noted that Indiana wasn’t going to change overnight and that it would be at least a few years for a viable industry to become a reality if the bill is passed.

“In five years time we won’t have this conversation because it is only used occasionally, like someone having a sip of wine. Now people only ingest cannabis,” Brown said. “But now we’re in.” An era when the ban was lifted and there is still a stigma attached to it. “

HB 1154 is currently making its way through the House Committee on Courts and the Criminal Code.

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