Information for OLCC Marijuana Licensees Affected by Pure Disasters (Energy Outages and Ice) – MJNews Community

OREGON: Natural disasters across Oregon can hit us in no time. Entrepreneurs should be aware of potential disasters and plan ahead. If you have lost power due to recent storms, use this message as a guide to record and notify the OLCC of your situation.

It is important to remember your safety, and the safety of others is first and foremost important.

Notification Requirements: Record of sales and transfers

notification: If you can connect to the internet, email the OLCC at [email protected] with the following information:

  • License number, downtime, address of your licensed premises so that we are aware of the situation and can track the regional effects.
  • If the camera fails, please fill out this form.

Sales: Please keep a detailed log of all sales / transfers as per the requirements of 845-025-7500 (8) Seed-to-Sale Tracking – CTS requirements so that you can update your CTS account once you have power back.

Transfers: If you have transferred a product (refrigerated items) to another licensee, do not request the transfer back until your buildings and cameras are operational and your licensed premises can function according to the OLCC rules.

  • For example, if you are a manufacturer planning to transfer a product to another licensee, make sure you understand how your product will be separated from the other licensees and what maintenance it will receive. It can also be helpful to make conditions or agreements prior to the actual emergency evacuation.

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