Jamaican hashish flower now accessible in Germany

Australia-based Cannim is partnering with Germany-based Cantourage to help bring Jamaican cannabis to German pharmacies.

Cannim is one of the leading cannabis growers in Jamaica and plans to use Cantourage’s Fast Track Access Platform to sell its flower product Lumir in Germany. The platform offers what Cantourage calls an “end-to-end solution”. While Cannim will focus on cultivating a high quality product, Cantourage will control everything related to import, manufacture and pharmacy distribution overseas.

Although Jamaica is known for both its historical cannabis roots and its unique cannabis products, it is not often found outside of the Caribbean country. Cantourage Co-CEO Philip Schetter is proud to provide medical patients overseas with a potent Jamaican cannabis product. “We are excited to offer patients in Germany this unprecedented opportunity by bringing medical cannabis from Jamaica to the fast-growing European medical cannabis market for the first time,” said Schetter in a press release.

He continued, “We are excited to offer Cannim’s high quality indica-dominant Lumir buds in Europe and to continue to access the European medical cannabis market from around the world through our platform. Cantourage continues to offer innovative varieties and safe, diverse care for patients. ”Lumir’s indica-dominant flowers will be available in German pharmacies starting today, August 19th.

Cantourage launched its Fast Track Access Platform in June 2021. In a press release, Schetter stated that the European market is dominated by only a few companies that have overcome all the hurdles required to sell medical cannabis in this region. With Cantourage’s platform, Schetter hopes to expand the pool of options for medical cannabis patients – and more competition will also help make cannabis medicine more affordable for patients. More than 14 cultivators are now using the Fast Track Access Platform.

Cannabis intended for patients in Germany has to meet a lot of regulations, and Lumir meets the bill. Cannim’s Chief Commercial Officer, Stuart Marsh, is equally honored to be able to sell Lumir outside of Jamaica. “Germany offers Cannim an exciting opportunity,” said Marsh. “Our ability to cultivate high quality medical grade Jamaican cannabis that meets the strict standards of the German Pharmacopoeia is evidence of the experience and expertise of our team in Jamaica.

“With our 500 hectare plantation and over six cultivation districts per year, Cannim ensures a continuous supply of medical cannabis all year round. Our partnership with Cantourage enables us to launch our products on the European market and offer patients new therapy options, ”concluded Marsh.

The Lumir product line is named after Professor Lumír Ondřej Hanuš, an analytical chemist from the Czech Republic whose experience in cannabis research began almost 50 years ago. One of his most famous contributions to the cannabis world is the isolation of the endocannabinoid known as anandamide. He has also published his findings in numerous scientific studies on cannabis topics and authored 16 articles on the topic of cannabis. This research has earned him several awards, most recently a Lifetime Achievement Award at CanEx in Jamaica in 2018.

The Lumir product line will consist of “sending Lumir flowers to pharmacies in Germany in order to give German patients and doctors reliable and permanent access to the natural, high-quality Jamaican product”. The press release confirms the shipping of cannabis flowers, but does not check whether Cannim will eventually offer its line of three different 30ml tincture mixes currently available in Australia: the “10:10 Balanced” product which contains 10mg of THC and Contains 10 mg CBD, “THC 27” with 27 mg THC (and less than or equal to 1 mg CBD) and “CBD 50” with 50 mg CBD (and less than or equal to 1 mg THC).

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