Japanese officers warn of the affect of pro-cannabis from the USA

The culture surrounding cannabis in Japan is slowly changing among the youngest generations, and officials don’t like it. A police organization in Japan is fed up with positive visuals of cannabis on social media from places like the US and Canada. This comes after the Japanese police recorded a record number of arrests related to cannabis in Japan.

In Japan, 5,034 people were arrested for cannabis-related crimes in 2020 – mostly teenagers and people in their twenties. The police conducted a survey to find out the reason for the increase in arrests. According to a survey of 748 offenders, only 16.7 percent said they were aware of the dangers of cannabis use.

Kyodo news reports that the National Police Department in Japan attributed the surge in arrests to the influence of social countries from countries with legal cannabis based on “positive online information” and promised to step up cyber patrols on social media to target cannabis and other illegal substances proceed.

A quick Google search (with translation capabilities) of each country reveals that there is plenty of material out there showing how the risks of cannabis pale in comparison to the risks of substances like alcohol.

Another problem is tourists and the way people travel and spread out over time. The Japanese Consulate General in New York gave one statement Last week, Japanese residents and tourists warned that despite cannabis legalization in states like New York, people can still be punished for growing and possessing cannabis under the Japanese Cannabis Law. “Please do not pick up marijuana even if you are in a country or region that legalizes it,” the statement said.

When Canada launched recreational cannabis in 2018, Japanese officials also raised the alarm a warning against the consumption of cannabis. However, there is little that Japanese officials can do to stop the spread of information on social media and the youth in Japan need to educate themselves about the real properties of cannabis.

Keep in mind that Japan is not a good place to take cannabis right now. Vice called Japan “one of the worst places in the world to be overrun with weeds”.

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