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NEW YORK: Kerri Accardi wants to educate the world about cannabis. She has been on a personal and professional mission since 2014 when a close relative died after an excruciating battle with cancer and suffered the brutal effects of chemotherapy and radiation – a battle Accardi believes would have been won if legal cannabis was used would have been available.

Her mission to Staten Island, NY, where she was based on the Canna-friendly West Coast as the legalization movement took off, where she bonded with attorneys, breeders, carers, and community leaders in central California, Oregon, and Canada, Washington’s quasi-legal medical marijuana movement.

With an activist’s eye and a passion for the plant, Accardi and her team at 420MEDIA have now created A New Cannabis Channel (, an omni-channel media game that debuts April 20, 2021 (4/20). The first program will include three original series: “5th Quarter,” hosted by NFL Super Bowl Champion and cannabis activist Marvin Washington; Nurse Talk by Sister Heather Manus Sobel, Founder of the Cannabis Nurses Network; and Faces of Cannabis have intimate conversations with thought leaders in the cannabis industry and will be available on ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick, Android and iOS.

As an advertising-funded platform, A New Cannabis Channel offers permanent commercial placement with integrated marketing, in-video shopping, social media and PR packages for the three opening series.

Listen as MJNews founders David Rheins and Kerri Accardi catch up in this exclusive MJChannelOne interview:

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