Laws put in place to cease denying citizenship for hashish use

On Monday March 8th, Representative Brendan Boyle (PA-02) introduced a law (HR 1614) to amend the Immigration and Citizenship Act, including adding marijuana crimes as grounds for inadmissibility or consideration for good ones Determination of moral character were eliminated.

For generations, a mere possession charge of a person seeking a US citizen could affect their ability to do so.

When introducing the bill, Representative Boyle said, “As applicants go through the green card and / or naturalization process, they are currently encountering questions that are,“ Have you ever been an ordinary drunk? “Or for details on an applicant’s level of marijuana use. These questions have nothing to do with citizenship and only serve to reinforce the societal stigmas associated with alcohol and drug abuse. It is extremely worrying to see federal applications like this continuing to use a harsh and antiquated term like “habitual drunkard”. In addition, potential citizens should not be punished for acts that are relatively harmless and non-criminal. This sloppy language only serves to reinforce social stigmatization and misunderstandings about substance abuse, and it is time to modernize the process. “

If you agree that this pointless discrimination against those who seek the American Dream is unnecessary and should be stopped, contact your representative now and ask them to support and co-sponsor HR 1614.

Send a message to your representative in support of HR 1614.

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