Licensing of medical hashish testing laboratory in West Virginia introduced

Earlier this month, the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, the Bureau of Public Health, Medical Cannabis Offices, and Laboratory Services announced that Analabs Inc. had been granted a laboratory license to test medical cannabis products. Different states have different requirements for testing facilities that are responsible for ensuring that state requirements for efficacy, packaging, and labeling of marijuana products are met.

Testing medical cannabis products through testing facilities is critical to reassuring patients in West Virginia that their drugs are safe and contaminant free. As of this writing, recreational cannabis is still illegal in West Virginia. However, medical cannabis was legalized in 2017 when Senate Bill 386 was passed. The law went into effect later in 2018, and patients had waited for the state to partner with a licensed testing facility since it was passed.

The goal of Analabs Inc. of Crab Orchard is to determine the safety of various medical cannabis products. In a wide range of experiments, Analabs Inc. will test a variety of cannabis-based products, including dry leaf products, tinctures, pills, THC oils, skin patches, and topical forms such as gels and creams.

Jason Frame, Director of the Officer of Medical Cannabis said, “The Office of Medical Cannabis has continued to advance this program to ensure that Western Virgins with serious illnesses receive safe, quality-assured medical cannabis. We are excited to have completed this next step. “

Current state of cannabis legalization in West Virginia

Businesses across the state have been granted growth, retail, and processing licenses, and medical patient cards are expected to be issued later this year.

After West Virginia has given Analabs approval to test marijuana products for safety, sales of medicinal cannabis will proceed as planned. This announcement signals an important development in West Virginia’s medical marijuana program as no medical marijuana products can be sold to patients until they have been tested and approved by a licensed testing facility.

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