Make it a memorable vacation season with cannabis-infused merchandise

“Unprecedented” was the epitome of 2020, with events shaking the very foundations of life as we know it, let alone the holidays. It is therefore difficult to predict whether the 2020 retail season will be naughty or nice for retailers.

In September marketing data research company Deloitte Reported retail sales in the United States should increase 1 percent from $ 1.1 trillion in 2019 to 1.5 percent to $ 1.147 trillion between November and January 2021. This is despite lower household budgets, the report says.

“Price, product and convenience remain a priority for consumers,” added Deloitte.

This year, average vacation shoppers are cutting trees, turkeys, and budgets. According to the report, consumers will spend, in-store, travel and experience less and spend less time shopping.

Deloitte’s report concluded that an increase in sales could depend on affluent consumers choosing to spend on vacation.

Cannabis retailers with loyal customers in-store have the advantage of being able to create Christmas displays and promotions not available from other retailers this year – and absolutely every shopper is looking for a reason to smile and that extra holiday spirit. They’re also looking for good deals.

So let the Budtender with Santa Claus cap decorate the pharmacies with care.
With dreams of cool customers who will be there soon
Cut a tree that smells like terpenes, so frosty and white.
With a wide range of hosiery – not that expensive, but bright!
Spread joy with giveaways, fancy displays and fun,
And let’s all get happy because 2020 will be soon done!

Here is a Happy Holiday List from cannabis infused products to fill your shelves:

Belushi’s farm The Blues Brothers joints
Available in Colorado, Illinois and Oregon, as well as with the flagship farm at Performer and Cannabis Lawyer Jim BelushiFarm on the Rogue River in Oregon. This cool pack of pre-rolls makes a great gift for any Hepcat or chick, especially when paired with a copy of the 1978 briefcase full of blues. For more information on the Working Man’s Brand, please visit


Chalice farms RXO concentrate collection
This collection of concentrates pays homage to Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and its many ascribed health and wellbeing effects. RSO is a cannabis concentrate with a thick, syrupy consistency that can be applied topically or taken in food or drink. Simpson, an activist and cancer patient, developed the formula to be used as a topical remedy during his treatment. Oregon-based Chalice Farms takes RSO to a new level. Ethanol extraction means the RXO line can be smoked, dabbed, ingested, or applied topically. Available in Oregon.


Flow Cannabis Company Roots Collection
California-based Flow Cannabis offers this full line of products, including sun-grown cannabis, for “environmentally and cost-conscious people.” The packaging design is modern and as bright as the Californian sunshine that it gets noticed on the shelf – maybe a tropical Christmas display? The Roots collection includes flowers in eighths or ounces, live resin vapes, and concentrates. Available in California.


Forti Goods stash furniture
This storage line is the ultimate gift with the “wow” factor for cannabis connoisseurs and furniture fans and uses the “fail-safe” locking technology. The debut collection includes four large entertainment devices, two coffee tables, two end tables, and a range of organizational accessories. “Every piece of furniture has at least one lock that can be opened or closed with our web and mobile apps.” Imagine a piece that is on display in your store.

Moose Labs MouthPeace Mini Kit
With the ongoing pandemic, everyone is currently concerned about their respiratory health. For an additional layer of filtration when enjoying a pre-roll or steam, there is a filter system that disinfects “smoke / steam” and improves the aromas by removing resins, toxins and tar. all without blocking the inlet or reducing airflow. “The MouthPeace Mini Kit comes with two MouthPeace Minis, six MouthPeace Mini filters and a carrying tube.


PAX Labs PAX3 paint collecting evaporator
This nifty color palette in matte onyx, sand, burgundy, and sage is the latest from PAX Labs. The vaporizer, which can be used for flowers or concentrates, has a sleek and discreet portable design that feels great in your pocket, from a leading supplier of portable vapes. Nothing says New Year like brand new gear. Basic Kit, MSRP: $ 200; Complete kit with concentrate insert, MSRP: $ 250.


The Puff Pack Subscription Box
Using Puff Pack as one of several examples of cannabis accessories subscription boxes; Pharmacies may not be able to deliver on a monthly basis, but the “pack” idea is a great way to bring sundries, overstock and small accessories back onto the market. Consumers appreciate the time saved through ready-to-pack cardboard boxes. So create your own packages with different items. Offering inexpensive “surprise boxes” with a curated mix of fun, sample-sized products is a fun way to advertise under-sold items. For those looking to mail a puff pack, visit

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