Marijuana product gross sales continued to develop within the first quarter as some classes outperform others

Tax reports from the first quarter of 2021 show that cannabis sales have increased nationwide since the first quarter of 2020.

Data from retail sales in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state show that beverages, capsules, and groceries saw the most significant increases in sales of cannabis products.

Beverage the fastest growing marijuana product on the market

Since the first fiscal quarter of 2020, beverage sales have increased an average of 68%, making it the fastest growing cannabis product type.

Looking at the different types of cannabis beverages sold, iced tea, soda, and fruit beverages saw the biggest increase since the fourth quarter of 2020 with sales up 26.7%, followed by tea, coffee and cocoa with sales up 16.1% and carbonated beverages with a 14.7% increase in sales.

In addition to an increase in beverage sales, capsules and food were also among the cannabis products, which recorded the largest sales increases with sales increases of 5.1% and 5.9%, respectively, compared to the previous quarter.

Sales of vape, pre-roll and flower products are lagging behind

Conversely, vapes, pre-rolls, and flower products have shown the slowest growth over the same period. Vape products saw a 2.2% increase in sales from the fourth quarter of 2020, while pre-rolls only saw a 0.8% increase in sales from the fourth quarter of 2020.

While flower sales declined in the last fiscal quarter, their sales were still up 32% overall over the past year. Additionally, flower sales continue to dominate the cannabis market in terms of market share and are expected to increase over the course of fiscal 2021.

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