Marriage ceremony for a potential marriage in a stupendous location: a weed dispensary in Michigan

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Goodman led the bride down a makeshift corridor, and the budtender Collin James, ordained for weddings two years ago, officiated. “We are very happy about it. We are honored that Jeff and Julie chose to become one here, ”Goodman added, according to MLive, who posted a video of the vows exchanged.

Weed was certainly involved in more weddings than were likely to be recognized. However, some cannabis aficionados like to focus on the plant.

Consider the Colorado couple who celebrated a weed-themed wedding earlier this year. The bride chose to get married at her home ranch among family and friends and even wore a bong designed by Noble Glass of Oregon. Wedding favors included pipes, bongs, cannabis flowers, and groceries.

There was also a South Florida couple who were also studying pandemic restrictions and were still having the wedding of their dreams when they were stopped at a medical cannabis store in Cape Coral.

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