Martha Stewart bakes Snoop Dogg weed cookies for the vacations

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In a video shared on Instagram, Martha Stewart showed off some weed-themed treats intended for cannabis friend and co-entrepreneur, Snoop Dogg.

“I decorate for Christmas and there are lots of cookies,” said the 79-year-old as a camera panned over the impressive spread. “It looks like Santa’s little elves have been all over my kitchen.”

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It’s not clear if the cookies were infused with cannabis, but at least they paid homage to the plant that both Stewart and Snoop have attached themselves to for the past few years.

“We made cannabis because I just did a big demo with Snoop Dogg and this is for him, these cannabis leaf biscuits,” Stewart said as she decorated a bright green weed leaf with red icing dots.

Aside from the cannabis-shaped biscuits, Stewart also showed off some dog-bone treats and a biscuit with Snoop’s portrait.

Both Stewart and Snoop partner with Canopy Growth on exclusive product lines. Earlier this year, Stewart told the Times that she is showing up to 20 Martha Stewart-branded CBD gums every day.

“You don’t think you’re eating anything other than pate,” she told the interviewer. “I just got a black raspberry.”

Gummies aside, Stewart told Chelsea Handler in October that it had been many decades since she last inhaled.

“The last joint I had was, I think, in 1972,” Stewart said. “I am a square, I am a real square, but I enjoy a delicious cocktail more than anyone else.”

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