Massive win for hashish legal professionals in New Mexico

Well that Recreational cannabis is legal in New MexicoSupporters like Duke Rodriguez have reason to celebrate. As President and CEO of New Mexico’s Top Organics-Ultra Health, the state’s largest medical cannabis company, the company expects to grow more than $ 40 million annually as it begins distributing adult cannabis.

The company has 25 facilities across the state and approximately 250 employees. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in Rodriguez’s private funds have been given to support cannabis-friendly lawmakers with the aim of bringing cannabis to retail stores at New Mexico Top Organics-Ultra Health as soon as possible. However, Rodriguez has made some complaints about the newly passed bill.

“Did we get everything we wanted? Absolutely not, ”he said. “Are there any current provisions of this law that I am disappointed with? Absolutely. But we moved away from “if and when” and moved straight to “home”. And it’s well worth the investment. “

While some believe Rodriguez got lawmakers to vote for the bill, he denies these claims. The legislation will allow business licenses to be issued for the production and sale of recreational cannabis no later than April 1, 2022. However, he believes that this could and should be done well in advance.

While advocates and entrepreneurs are excited to delve into the adult cannabis industry in New Mexico, law enforcement has their doubts. Current Argus reported that some law enforcement officers believe that legal recreational cannabis in New Mexico could lead the state to decriminalize other currently banned substances.

“I think they had to get that marijuana bill passed first, and I think it got messed up so quickly and furiously during this session, and I don’t understand the reasons for it,” said Lea County Sheriff Corey Helton.

This bill now allows New Mexicans to grow cannabis at home for personal use. With individuals allowed to grow up to six plants and households allowed to grow up to 12 plants with more than one adult living in the home, we can expect more consumers to start their own growth.

New Mexico residents 21 years of age and older are allowed to purchase up to two ounces of cannabis at a time.

With the expectation that adult cannabis will become a lucrative industry in New Mexico, colleges begin developing training and certification programs for jobs in New Mexico. Ishmael Mondragon, an instructor, said KRQE“Right now, it is time that people who want to get involved with cannabis find the places where they need to be educated and trained.”

Northern New Mexico College plans to launch an online course in June entitled “The Cannabis Establishment Technician Course, “Who focuses on the medical cannabis industry. “What we’re offering with the Cannabis Establishment Program is to keep you updated on the last 14 years of cannabis in New Mexico and prepare you for what’s to come in New Mexico,” said Mondragon.

Mondragon will be teaching the course with plans to introduce information about medical cannabis that it believes will also apply to recreational cannabis. With the state’s first cannabis sales in about a year, he believes companies in the field will soon begin hiring.

The idea is to expand this into a certificate program that provides multiple classes. “We want one for the grow, one for the extraction, one for the lab technician, and one for the entrepreneur to start your business, keep it going,” said Mondragon.

At this point there are 47 students enrolled in the class. While opinions circulate in the region, one thing is certain; The Mexican adult cannabis sector in New Mexico is around the corner, and this is a huge win for proponents.

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