Medical hashish crossword

Being sick really sucks. When you or someone close to you is dealing with a medical problem, it is difficult to focus on anything else. If prescription drugs are the only option, you have some expectation that they will work.

Unfortunately, they often don’t, or the side effects are worse than the original diagnosis. What are you doing in this case? There is only one option: take matters into your own hands and try alternative therapies – cannabis, for example.

Cannabis has been aptly described as a pharmacy within a plant for good reason. Depending on the strain, how it is taken, and the individual needs of your endocannabinoid system, medicinal cannabis can treat many conditions and their symptoms.

The hardest time for a medicinal cannabis user is to start because finding what works takes trial and error. For those with little experience or tolerance, this can be uncomfortable.

As of the current state of our cannabis laws, legal cannabis store fronts cannot provide medical guidance, and medically approved manufacturers are extremely difficult to access. When long-standing pharmacies and clubs stay open to medical compassion, they defy the law and are enforced. Without the support of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, doctors are required by law to provide advice about cannabis. Besides, most of them don’t know anything about it.

It can be very difficult to find good advice on how to use medical cannabis, and if you happen to find the right information it can be very difficult to remember. Here on the Cannabis Life Network, we came up with an unusual idea for you to include what you need to know, a medical cannabis crossword puzzle. Obviously, this is an extremely big topic, and while this puzzle can’t cover everything, it does give you a basic overview of some medicinal cannabis uses.


I wish you and those closest to you good health from all of us here on the Cannabis Life Network.

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