Medical hashish employees now permitted for the COVID-19 vaccine in California

According to Recently updated guidelines for COVID-19 vaccine allocation in CaliforniaQualified medical cannabis workers now have the highest priority alongside conventional health workers in receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. While this is good news for many people who work in the cannabis industry, there are some legitimate concerns.

First of all, the individual health authorities in the district decide whether they want to recognize this decision or not. Second, there is one Lack of vaccinations Within California – and the United States as a whole – some counties are likely to prefer other key workers first.

California divides vaccination eligibility into phases: Phase 1a has the highest priority, including health care workers and medical cannabis workers. From there the list goes back to less important categories for other industries.

With these new changes, for example, a Selection of other industries priority was given to phase 1b, such as food and agriculture (for cultivation, production, transport and distribution); People over 65 years of age; and people who work in emergency services (ie police officers); Child care and education.

The State of California states that medical cannabis workers “will be given vaccinations as needed in Phase 1b, Level 1, based on their designation in eligible major workforce classifications.”

There has been some controversy with this decision. Many critics believe that other industries like education should take precedence over cannabis. Becky Pringle, President of the National Education Association (NEA) commented, “Every single parent, educator and parent in America has been terrified of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our school communities for the past 10 months. There is no substitute for the personal connection between our students and their educators. “

Some people would agree that Pringle makes a good point. However, many others would argue that there are thousands who rely on cannabis for disease relief. It’s worth noting that these conditions can put many people at fatal risk if exposed to the novel coronavirus.

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