Meet the 90-year-old vintage collector who works to destigmatize hashish smoking for girls

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“I was so happy. I said,” I know I have this piece at home, “she says.” So it’s a very good way to learn. “I’ve learned all my life and I want to learn more.”

A selection from the GEMMA line. /. Photo by Katrina Pacheco

At 90, Dubreuil continued her professional career as a real estate developer in Quebec City. In the course of her life she has acquired more than 80 properties. Antiques are her passion, however, and she proudly speaks that her pieces are available at Mihi Cannabis in Burlington.

Mihi carried one of Gauthier’s favorite finds: a set of china hands adorned with rings and lacquered nails, and just enough space between his fingers to hold a joint or two.

“They were so beautiful and conducive to the destigmatization of smoking for women,” explains Gauthier.

And while Dubreuil doesn’t smoke, she enjoyed cannabis in other ways.

“We have girls’ parties quite often and we try wine, drinks and chocolates and maybe some more later, you never know,” she says.

“We have women’s weekends and I always bring something to eat because most of the women I know don’t smoke,” says Gauthier. “GEmma was very open and slept well every weekend we had together. “

Dubreuil draws a parallel between the lifting of the alcohol ban and the legalization of cannabis.

“I find legalization so interesting,” says Dubreuil. “People thought legalization might be a disaster, but it’s not a disaster. It’s like wine. Now when you visit someone you bring a bottle of wine so I guess it’s the same for cannabis. “

For Gauthier, one of her favorite parts is the time she spends with Dubreuil as she retraces the history of the items she discovered.

“There are just wonderful moments together that she takes time to spend with me and teach me the pieces,” says Gauthier.

And despite Dubreuil’s deep knowledge of the subject, she says she is always learning and her eye is constantly improving. “I started because it’s a passion,” she says, “and if it’s a passion you’re sure to succeed.”

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