Missouri is asking the courtroom to dismiss the medical marijuana rising permits which were issued

The Missouri Marijuana Regulatory Agency is asking a court to issue a February ruling granting affiliates Heya Kirksville and Heya Excello licenses to grow medical marijuana.

The two companies’ cultivation license applications were originally denied by the Missouri Department of Health (DHSS) in an application process overseen by a third party contractor.

However, in February the Missouri Administrative Hearing Commission granted the cultivation licenses after Heya argued that the responses to their applications were the same as those of successful applicants.

On March 24, the DHSS petitioned the Missouri Circuit Court in Cole County to overturn the commission’s decision, Law360 reported.

“The DHSS said the commission’s decision was” arbitrary, capricious or unreasonable, “a violation of constitutional rules and” an abuse of power, among other things, “the Legal News website reported.

Since the MMJ sales began last October, the Missouri program has been riddled with disputes, including:

Despite all the troubles, the medical marijuana program has generated nearly $ 25 million in sales.

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