Missouri is suspending the deadline for opening medical hashish firms


February 24, 2021

Missouri regulators extended the deadline for the state’s medical cannabis companies to open after the majority of them failed to meet the one-year deadline to go live.

Around 260 of the state’s 370 licensed companies don’t have to open until September, the Springfield News Leader reported.

Each time extension is based on the specific circumstances of each company.

The 370 licensed companies include retailers, cultivators, manufacturers, transporters and testing laboratories.

As of Tuesday, 78 cannabis companies have been approved for operation, 62 more are undergoing a final inspection and are almost operational.

The Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association told the news leader that more marijuana businesses are expected to open every week throughout the year. Authorities expect most of them to be operational by June.

Medical marijuana sales began in October 2020, but the introduction of the program came with legal challenges.

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