Mitch McConnell plans to ban the Senate Democratic majority for marijuana in 2022

Democrats must hurry to legalize marijuana nationwide. Senate Minority Chairman Mitch McConnell is doing everything in his power to bring Republicans back under Senate control in 2022 – and potentially put cannabis reform in a state of uncertainty for several years.

In a recent interview with Politico, the self-proclaimed Grim Reaper from Capitol Hill stated that he is currently running Senate nominees to regain his status as a “majority leader” and spark another reign of terror in the United States.

And make no mistake, McConnell is ready to win at any cost. Even if it means turning your back on Trump-backed candidates. “My goal is to have candidates for the Republican Party in every way that can win in November. Some of them may be people the former president likes. Some of them cannot be. The only thing I care about is electability, ”said the Kentucky Senator told the news source.

If the Republicans regained control of the Senate in 2022, the Democrats would lose the little influence they deserved in the 2020 election. The Democrats narrowly control Congress and give the party control of the legislative agenda.

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One issue that Senate Democrats have promised in the coming months is federal legalization of recreational marijuana. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer recently announced that he and his democratic colleagues were ready to come up with a bill to create a taxed and regulated pot market. The legislation could be submitted in the coming months, according to Senator Schumer.

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Whether such a controversial law has the support of Congress is a problem. The Democrats will need help to make this happen – and that is support they may not have. Schumer and his crew already had problems with the Republicans when they passed President Biden’s COVID relief bill.

There is also a possibility that the Democrats are trying to burn some old Senate rules (Filibuster, Byrd Rule) to keep Republicans from encroaching on their legislation. However, any wrong move by the Democrats could backfire in the end. If they put an end to the filibuster, McConnell has promised a “scorched earth Senate.” If she’s trying to get a cannabis bill (or other for that matter) passed, she may not have the votes to go all the way.

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Additionally, President Joe Biden doesn’t necessarily agree with the Democratic Senate’s plan to fully legalize weeds. He has announced that he will support the decriminalization of marijuana (elimination of criminal penalties) but is unsure if a fully legal market is the way to go. However, cannabis advocates believe Biden would support a federal marijuana legalization move if it crossed his desk. Vice President Kamala Harris is a big advocate of ending the ban, despite having said that convincing Biden to side with her ideologies is out of the question.

Does the Democratic Senate really have enough power to legalize marijuana nationwide?Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images

If Democrats plan to legalize marijuana nationwide in 2021, they need to get super creative. All Republicans need, in the medium term, is a scant vote to regain control of the Senate so McConnell can regain the crown. Not only do Democrats need to find a way to enforce the bill, but they also need to do so in such a way that the spirit of the Senate majority leader’s past does not come back to haunt them.

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McConnell recently said that ending the filibuster in an attempt to get the Democratic agenda off the ground would only cause Republicans to lift those measures once they regain control. “We could keep any bill that was just rammed through,” he said. This means legal marijuana today could revive the ban for years to come.

It is not immediately clear how Democrats will approach the marijuana legalization debate in 2020. Despite all of the positive media attention the party has received for its willingness to change the federal pot laws, they know it will be a challenge to make it a reality. And even if the Democrats find a way to bypass the opposition and get into the books, it might not lead to lasting politics. To say the marijuana question is more complicated than ever would be an understatement.

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It would be of great benefit to the overall scheme of federal cannabis legalization if McConnell found that backing pro-pot politicians is the way to reclaim his throne in the country’s capital. As McConnell said, he only cares about candidates with “electoral options,” and marijuana could be the ticket.

Some of the latest national polls show that 68% of Americans believe marijuana should be legalized like beer. More and more politicians see cannabis as a way of attracting voters with progressive ideas, and it is becoming increasingly bipartisan. Perhaps McConnell will realize that legalization is the quickest way to get back in control. Perhaps in the future he will give up his anti-marijuana practices. Unfortunately, this may be the only hope for solid nationwide cannabis reform.

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