Modern invoice submitted in New York for recycling hashish packaging

As the cannabis industry is growing in many states, the issue is the “plastic problem” of the industry is becoming more and more evident as plastic canisters used as cannabis packaging pile up. Especially for an industry that normally prides itself on sustainable practices, a solution to the problem cannot come soon enough.

MP Patricia Fahy has tabled a bill in New York to introduce a cannabis recycling program to reduce plastic pollution caused by industry.

Disposable packaging for cannabis such as pop-tops and similar canisters could be recycled like conventional plastic bottles under the state’s recycling guidelines. It’s a fairly new concept, but one that most cannabis insiders say is badly needed.

Invoice no.A06830 New York cannabis retailers would be required to collect a $ 1 deposit for the return of single-use plastic containers for recreational cannabis products. Under the bill, retailers would take responsibility for collecting and recycling used packaging and reimbursing deposits.

“The legal cannabis industry in the US produces about 150 million tons of waste every year. Even when marijuana packaging is recycled at home, it is often sorted out by recyclers and sent to landfill, ”says a memo from Assemblywoman Fahy. “While no industry is impeccable in the plastic pollution crisis, New York has a unique opportunity to prevent a new source of plastic pollution when we consider legalizing recreational marijuana.”

Marijuana moment reports that several other states have taken slightly similar approaches. In California, an exclusive group of cannabis companies went into business for themselves initiative Reduce plastic pollution in industry. Many private companies in California are also starting beach garbage collection.

Pilot programs were recently launched in Colorado with the aim of promoting sustainability in both the cannabis and alcohol markets. These efforts utilize state-of-the-art carbon recovery techniques and collaboration with utility companies.

There is a strong need to promote #recycling in the # cannabis market. # Reusability and # sustainability are key.

– DFCR – Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (@DFCRorg) April 21, 2021

Cannabis Regulation Doctors (DFCR) tweeted the need for recycling programs in the cannabis industry. Most recently, the bill was referred to the Assembly’s Environmental Conservation Committee pending a hearing on the schedule.

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