Moldy weeds are a significant issue in Nevada

In Las Vegas, the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board recently issued a public health recommendation after some cannabis products tested positive for excessive yeast and mold levels. According to 3 news, These are the products and lot / lot numbers that are believed to have these issues and most of the time they should be recalled:

Product: BUDS – GELATO GLUE – 122320B86 – ABGG02

Batch / Lot: 122320B86 – ABGG02

Product: BUDS – LOAD AND – 122320B86 – ABLOG01:

Batch / Lot: 122320B86 – ABLOG01

The board claims that these products were likely sold in the following stores between January 21 and February 19:

  • ShowGrow, 4850 S Fort Apache Rd # 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89147 (License # 21647298952036123142)
  • The Apothecary Shoppe, 4240 W Flamingo Road No. 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103 (License No. 01359449685112111637)
  • Wallflower Cannabis House, 6540 Blue Diamond Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89139 (License number 23003643426806888206)
  • Greenleaf Wellness, 1730 Glendale Ave Sparks, Nevada 89431 (License number 81154974231636348055)
  • Oasis Cannabis Dispensary, 1800 S Industrial Road No. 180, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 (License No. 55910347793434478299)

If you’ve purchased any of these potentially contaminated products, the best thing to do is to avoid ingesting them. Whether or not you purchased from these moldy batches, you should still regularly check your cannabis flower for mold.

Why check cannabis for mold?

While it’s easy to find mold on cheese or bread, cannabis is a little more complicated. According to HealthlineMoldy cannabis usually has an off-white coating that is commonly mistaken for trichomes. The main difference is that trichomes look similar to shiny hair, while mold has more of a gray or white powdery aesthetic.

If your bud is moldy, it will have a noticeable odor. Most of the time, consumers notice the mold with their noses in front of their eyes. The smell is a musty, moldy smell. However, it might smell similar to hay.

Is Moldy Cannabis Safe To Smoke?

Do not worry; If you’ve smoked some moldy cannabis, you probably won’t die. However, it’s not something anyone would recommend.

Smoking moldy cannabis can lead to several unpleasant symptoms. The list includes cough, nausea, and vomiting. However, someone who is allergic to mold can experience more serious side effects, such as inflammation of the sinuses or lungs, drainage, congestion, and wheezing.

herb reported that if a person has a weak immune system, a lung infection can be caused by smoking moldy weeds. Moldy weeds contain compounds called endotoxins and mycotoxins.

Mycotoxins are compounds found outside of mold spores. These are toxins because they can damage the human body and cause inflammation and disease. They are especially problematic when the body is constantly exposed to them in excessive amounts.

Endotoxins are the molecules that bacteria release when they die. These can make asthma symptoms worse and irritate the lungs.

When inhaled together, mycotoxins and endotoxins lead to inflammation. Chronic exposure has been linked to exacerbated autoimmune diseases and an increased risk of developing a lung infection.

Inhaling these toxins can also contribute to pneumonia. This can then spread throughout the body and cause a number of other problems.

So are you going to die of smoky mold buds? Probably not. But if you do notice your cannabis is moldy, it’s probably best to toss it.

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