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WASHINGTON: This week the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board took the following actions during a regular meeting:

Approved an investigation declaration before the proposal (CR 101) Examine rule changes that would allow the Board to take disciplinary action against licensed marijuana processors or retailers who violate the provisions of WAC 246-80-021 regarding the sale of Vitamin E Acetate. These changes would update the current emergency rules, which require the same compliance but have been approved under the authority of the WSLCB. No further changes or revisions to WAC 314-55-077 or WAC 314-55-079 are currently being considered.

Rescinded Board Interim Policy (BIP) 03-2018 regarding the temporary suspension of the 24-hour quarantine for marijuana licensees prior to product transfer, with particular reference to WAC 314-55-083 (40 (g) and (f) as they typically existed at that time. GDP 03-2018 was designed to be repealed after the adoption of rules implementing the directive.

On October 31, 2018, the Board of Directors adopted several changes to Chapter 314-55 WAC, including changes to WAC 314-55-083. These were submitted to the Code Reviser as WSR 18-22-055. In particular, WAC 314-55-083 (4) (g) and (h) have been completely removed from the subsection, as has any indication of a 24 hour quarantine period. The rules came into force on December 1, 2018. As a result, BIP 03-2018 is no longer required

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