My father, Mr. Good: life because the daughter of Britain’s most well-known hashish smuggler

Howard Marks was a notorious drug smuggler. He was also a caring, funny father, says his daughter Amber – now a lawyer and pharmacology expert. Could your family archive shed new light on his criminal life?

Duncan Campbell
Sat 21 Aug 2021 06.00 BST
In 1988, 10-year-old Amber Marks was woken up in her home in Palma de Mallorca by the screaming of her younger sister Francesca. She got up to find two strange men in the hallway, one of whom would briefly introduce himself as Craig Lovato of the US Drugs Administration.

In the statement at the time, she described the scene: “I went into Mama’s arms and asked what was going on. She said she didn’t know … I cuddled mom who was sick … Lovato turned to mom and said he was going to extradite her and dad to America … Lovato asked for the car keys and I got mom’s handbag . He took the keys and gave her the purse and said she would need it wherever she was going. I asked him to bring them back to say goodbye when they would hand them over. He said, ‘Maybe.’ “

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