NC State Examine reveals Harvest Hero has the facility to supply larger, bolder hashish

Dedicated cannabis growers across the country have spent decades tweaking their cultivation to maximize appearance, scent, potency, and yield while minimizing risk. Unfortunately, the lack of widely available, cannabis-specific growing media has often prevented the general public from replicating the professionals’ achievements online and in magazines.

Not anymore: The recent launch of Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix, a newly launched, soilless medium formulated with a proprietary blend of perlite, diatomaceous earth, and essential nutrients, has changed the growing media landscape. This revolutionary new product supports the critical vegetative growth weeks by improving soil quality to increase flower production, develop a terpene-rich aroma and aroma, and produce robust yields.

Proven results in the fields, laboratories and research institutions

Whether you’re a #growyourown fan who appreciates the process of caring for your buds, or cannabis has grown into a science to serve customers, you can always stand getting bigger and bolder. Harvest Hero gets you there and science proves it.

In 2020, NC State researchers began a study of 100 crops containing Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix along with traditional cannabis mix test groups of Sunshine White Peat mixed with horticultural perlite in a 75/25 ratio.

The goal? To see if Harvest Hero’s 3-in-1 blend improves cannabis production and quality. The bespoke research project spanned 12 weeks of critical assessments of shoot dry weight, root dry matter, and analysis of leaf tissue nutrients, as well as cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

The test showed the following:

  • 28% more dry weight of the flower buds
  • 16% increase in CBD yield
  • Plant diameter increased by 22%
  • 8% more plant height
  • 12% more nitrogen accumulation
  • 35% more phosphorus accumulation
  • 21% more potassium accumulation

The results are obvious. Harvest Hero’s Enhanced Perlite Mix significantly increased dried flower bud weight, phytocannabinoid yield and terpenes. Harvest Hero’s proprietary incorporation of nutrients into perlite and diatomaceous earth creates a powerful, synergistic effect that leads to improved growth and greater vitality of cannabis plants. The patent-pending 3-1 combination leads to:

  1. Increases the flower mass.
  2. Greater availability and absorption of nutrients, resulting in greater tissue growth and an associated increase in CBD, terpenes, and other valuable phytocannabinoids.
  3. Increases trunk diameter and provides increased structural integrity and resistance to wind loads, heavy rainfall and housing in field conditions.

The NC state lead researcher who oversaw this study best explained it, “Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix produces resilient plants that are larger in size and diameter, higher levels of phytocannabinoids, higher flower bud yields and overall improved robustness compared to plants show growth in non-improved perlite media. ”

Supported by experience

The secret to the massive success of this patent-pending blend is a proprietary blend of perlite, kieselguhr, and essential nutrients that help plants thrive. But why these components?

John Carroll, chief agronomist at Viaspace California, Inc., was a key researcher and tester of the Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Media Mix. “This media booster is unlike anything currently on the market,” explains Carroll. “While there are separate perlite, silica and fertilizer products, Harvest Hero takes the guesswork out of creating an ideal cannabis growing environment.”

Let’s take a look at what sets Harvest Hero apart from traditional cannabis grow mixes.

Courtesy Harvest Hero


Perlite creates matrix and soil porosity – an essential requirement for growing cannabis. The pore space within the perlite particles easily exchanges the trapped air directly into the soil, thereby completing the transfer of oxygen to the soil and making oxygen available for uptake by the plant’s root system. Proper oxygenation is important to maintain soil microbe growth and soil pH. Essential nutrients such as NPK, calcium and sulfur are made available for direct absorption through active transport via the root system. This enables nutrient availability and the subsequent abundant growth response.

Why Perlite?

In December 2019, key findings from the Cannabis Business Times Cannabis Nutrients Market Report indicated that more than half of cannabis growers reported using perlite as a growing medium! The perlite contained in Harvest Heros Enhanced Perlite Mix supports superior root development by increasing the available oxygen in the soil profile and reducing soil compaction.


Diatomaceous earth is the naturally occurring fossilized residue of diatoms – unicellular water algae. It is an almost pure sediment deposit that consists almost entirely of silicon dioxide (Si) – one of the most abundant elements in the world. Plants with a Si deficiency are often structurally weaker and more prone to growth, development and reproductive disorders. The benefits of Si can be seen when plants are under stress, and numerous studies show that plants benefit from additional soluble Si. This silica boost improves elasticity and resistance to adverse conditions.

Why diatomaceous earth?

In the same 2019 Cannabis Business Times report on cannabis nutrients, nearly half of cultivators said they were looking for increased resistance to plant stressors. Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix addresses both of these issues directly with its 1: 2 punch of essential nutrients and silica source to mitigate adverse conditions by helping electron transfer and increasing resistance to common plant stressors.

Essential nutrients

This pre-charged blend provides potassium and phosphorus – two of the most important nutrients needed to support root and plant health during critical vegetative growth weeks. NC State’s recent 12-week growth study found the following increases in essential phytonutrients:

  • Nitrogen accumulation: 12%
  • Phosphorus enrichment: 35%
  • Potassium fortification: 21%

The copious spike in phosphorus supported a whopping spike in root growth and root to shoot ratio compared to a traditional Sunshine Peat Perlite cannabis mix.

Why these nutrients?

Used in combination, the unique blend of essential nutrients in Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Media Mix supports vigorous early growth. This means that growers do not need to add essential nutrients during the critical vegetative growth phase, which sets Harvest Hero apart from other growth media available on the market.

NC State Study shows Harvest Hero has the power to produce bigger, bolder cannabis

Courtesy Harvest Hero

Look into the future with Harvest Hero

Building on the current success, Harvest Hero plans to add more cannabis-friendly products for purchase in 2021. The Soilless Mix based on organic perlite and DE shows heroic results in early tests. Compared to traditional perlite and peat-based cultivation, early research by agronomist John Carroll shows that cannabis grown with Harvest Hero’s Soilless Mix based on organic perlite achieved:

  • Increase in THC yield by 57%
  • 31% more cannabinoids
  • 14% of the total dry weight

Harvest Hero has a full range of products planned for release in 2021, including Chunky Perlite, Natural DE, Vermiculite and Natural Insecticide.

NC State Study shows Harvest Hero has the power to produce bigger, bolder cannabis

Courtesy Harvest Hero

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Grow taller and bolder with Harvest Hero. Just mix with the soil media of your choice like peat moss, coconut, or compost, or grow with Straight Harvest Hero Enhanced Perlite Mix for more controlled growth and make your way to #heroichorticulture.

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