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CALIFORNIA: Cannabis business lawyer Jeff Hamilton and two women leaders from the Humboldt County cannabis industry – Kelsey Parker, and Lelehnia DuBois – announced that they are launching Canopyright, a blockchain-based botanical registry and licensing system. Canopyright is in the initial funding stages with its tentative launch scheduled for November 11, 2022.

Beginning in early 2020, Hamilton began developing canopyright in response to his clients’ pressing need for a defensive mechanism to document their cannabis genetics portfolio assets.

With Canopyright, home growers and state-licensed cannabis businesses alike will have the ability to publicly or privately register their strain intellectual property assets, for free, and maintain physical frozen plant samples in tamper-evident “evidence bags.”

State-licensed cannabis breeders and cultivators will then be able to negotiate licensing contracts in a matter of seconds. Automated Metrc-based invoicing from “flowering plant” information will offer the breeder and cultivator scalability, fairness and flexibility.

Breeders will be able to upload any number of photos, lab tests, genetic tests, certifications and/or other information, and will also have the ability to generate provisional patent filing applications with ease. Users can choose whether to make any of these documents completely private, or locked until a licensing contract has been entered into.

Cultivators seeking new genetics will be able to search within their state and use an array of filters to find exactly what they need. All users may save or share strains and follow their favorite breeders.

Canopyright uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) and a number of encryption features to offer users complete data privacy. Chuck Fried and Craig Drabik, the DLT software developers behind the TxMQ agency, have been leading the backend software development effort since summer 2020. Fried and Drabik chose to build on the Hedera network to document secure, encrypted, smart contract transactions with a low environmental impact impact.

TxMQ completed the Beta MVP of the platform in August 2021. In September 2021 Hamilton started working with DuBois, leader of the Humboldt Grace Legacy Project, and Parker, cannabis marketing manager and UI designer, to develop the user experience to serve breeders and small farmers .

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