New ballot discovered 91% of People assist legalization of medical marijuana or grownup marijuana

A recent poll by the Pew Research Center found that 91% of Americans support legalizing marijuana for medical purposes or for adults.

Marijuana Legalization Data

The survey results came shortly after three more states fully legalized adult marijuana use: New York, Virginia, and New Mexico. The survey found that 60% of respondents were in favor of legalizing adult marijuana and medical marijuana, while 31% of that group wanted legalization for therapeutic purposes only. Only 8% of the participants thought that the drug should continue to be criminalized, while 1% abstained. This is a very encouraging study as we move towards a greener future with increasing legalization efforts.

As expected, those who opposed marijuana legalization the most were over 75 years old. However, only 14% of those over 75 were completely against it. The age range supporting adult legalization of cannabis and medicinal cannabis fell between 18-29 years old, with only 4% directly opposed.

72% of those who claimed to be Democrats were in favor of adult legalization and medical marijuana legalization, while only 47% of those who claimed to be Republican were in favor of the same idea. Those who described themselves as conservative had the greatest opposition to legalization. 15% wanted the facility to remain banned at the federal level. After all, only 3% of those who claimed to be liberal were against legalization. What does that tell us? People want access to cannabis.

Presidential crisis with marijuana

By interpreting these statistics, one might assume that Joe Biden is trying to honor the will of the people by helping legalize marijuana, but it is unlikely to be. Press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement last month that Biden’s view of the drug has not changed and that he is not interested in federal legalization … for now. Instead, he’s focused more on rescheduling the drug, eradicating past marijuana crimes, and legalizing medical marijuana.

Given this data, as well as the comments from the U.S. Senators, Joe Biden is sure to come across some sort of legalization bill in the future, but we cannot say for sure at this time whether he would sign that bill.

With key data from surveys like the one done by the Pew Research Center, we can have a deeper understanding of what Americans want. It’s very clear that people want medical marijuana at the very least, which further solidifies support for federal legalization in the months ahead.

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