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COLORADO: A survey from 2021 found a positive correlation between the number of COVID-19 cases and the demand for medical cannabis. More than half of the patients said they used cannabis to “feel happy”.

– 55% of medical cannabis patients primarily feel “happy”.

– Patients’ desire to feel “happy” from medicinal cannabis use increased by 46% over the past year

– Study suggests that exogenous shocks like COVID-19, elections, protests and unrest are positively influencing the demand for medical cannabis

Did the stressors of COVID-19 lead more Americans to use medical cannabis as an alternative tool to manage their mental health? A new national study examining this question found a positive correlation between national demand for medical cannabis and national number of COVID-19 cases. In other words, as cases increased, so did medical cannabis use. And while the most common reason for getting a health card in the past has been chronic pain, the majority of medical cannabis patients who applied for medical cards in the past year cited psychological purposes. 55% of patients said their main reason for using cannabis was to “feel happy”.

These results are part of a national study conducted by Veriheal, the healthcare company behind the nation’s largest medical marijuana use platform, in collaboration with US government scientists London School of Economics, University of Southern California and University of Maryland;; and the CREA (Cultivating Research Education and Advocacy) group, a business development and research company dedicated to psychoactive drugs such as cannabinoids, psychedelics, and entheogens. The results were formally presented to the American Chemical Society, a congressional chartered nonprofit research at the global chemical company April 2021 national conference.

Conducted between January 2020 and March 2021The study examined the interest and acceptance of medical cannabis for desired effects in terms of region, gender, and age group in relation to COVID-19 cases in America, as reported by the official COVID-19 CDC data tracker.

The patient data comes from surveys on the Veriheal telemedicine platform, which connects potential cannabis patients with state-certified cannabis doctors to simplify and streamline the medical marijuana card (MMJ) application process.

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