New Jersey: Regulators approve preliminary licenses for 30 new medical marijuana dispensaries

After months of delay, state regulators on Tuesday issued tentative licenses to 30 applicants seeking to operate medical cannabis facilities.

There are currently only 23 medical cannabis facilities operating in the state. This low total has resulted in high prices and poor care for the estimated 120,000 registered medical cannabis patients in the state. Under the state’s medical marijuana law, patients are not allowed to grow cannabis at home.

Those who have issued a temporary license must pass a number of background checks, as well as a site permit, before opening their business.

State lawmakers passed a law legalizing the adult marijuana market earlier this year. By law, medical cannabis facilities that have been operating for at least a year can apply for a license to serve both patients and adult customers. However, state regulators have not yet started reviewing applications for individuals wishing to operate adult facilities. This process is unlikely to begin until March 2022 – several months later than regulators originally intended.

Adult retail sales are also expected to begin in neighboring states of Connecticut and New York next year.

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