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NEW MEXICO: Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham on Monday officially passed the legalization of adult cannabis in New Mexico state and signed a historic move approved by state lawmakers after the governor convened her for a special session on the matter late last month would have .

“Legalizing adult cannabis paves the way for creating a new economic engine in our state with the promise of creating thousands of high-paying jobs in the years to come,” he said Governor Lujan Grisham. “We will increase consumer safety by creating a real industry. We will begin by correcting the mistakes of this country’s failed war on drugs. And we’re going to break new ground in an industry that could change New Mexico’s economic future for the better. “

New jobs, new income

Adult recreational cannabis sales could reach $ 318 million in the first year and create more than 11,000 new jobs over several years, said Dr. Kelly O’Donnell, independent economist and public finance expert. Preliminary estimates suggest that excise tax will raise at least $ 20 million for the general fund in its first full fiscal year, with significant growth in subsequent years. Local governments will also benefit from the additional income.

“If we are to recover from the economic downturn caused by the pandemic, entrepreneurs will benefit from this great opportunity to start lucrative new businesses. The state and local governments will benefit from the additional revenue and, most importantly, workers will benefit from the opportunity to create new types of jobs and careers, ”he said Governor Lujan Grisham.

“Today New Mexico took a golden opportunity to build a multi-million dollar industry with a framework that is right for our state and will benefit New Mexicans for generations to come,” said New Mexico MEP Javier Martínez. “Not only are we starting a burgeoning industry that strengthens our economies, creates jobs and generates taxpayers’ money, but we’re doing it fairly to curb the illicit market and reverse some of the damage caused by the failed war on drugs.”

A well-regulated industry stimulates economic activity, generates revenue for state and local authorities, and protects the public

With today’s signature of the governor, an administrative procedure will be initiated, which will culminate at the latest on April 1, 2022 with the introduction of commercial sales for adults. The issuing of licenses to carry out commercial cannabis activities will begin no later than January 1, 2022.

“This is an important new program for the state that will have a positive impact on job growth and the economy. However, it requires smart regulation to protect the public and entrepreneurs who want to get into the business,” he said Senator Katy Duhigg. “I am proud of the work we have done to ensure we create a fair and equitable program with a low barrier to entry. At the same time, proper regulation and supervision will keep our successful medical cannabis program intact and help new businesses grow while keeping consumers safe. “

Gross income tax and local taxes apply to the value of adult purchase.

“This is the right model for New Mexico as it creates a local, sustainable and regulated industry while protecting what matters to us all, including public health, road safety and the well-being of our youth,” he said Superintendent Linda M. Trujillo the state regulatory and licensing department that will oversee and manage the new industry.

New Mexico is the youngest state in the United States to legalize adult cannabis and is only the fifth state to have it enacted through state law.

“The standardization and nationwide regulation that come with real industry will protect consumers,” he said Trujillo. “In addition, local jurisdictions can set appropriate zoning, land-use, and other business requirements.”

Protecting public safety, health, consumers and NM youth

The legislation creates a Public Health Advisory Board to monitor cannabis use and data on the health effects of cannabis legalization. In addition, the Ministry of Health must submit annual reports that contain information on youth access, driving and traffic safety, occupational safety, consumer and product safety, and emergency admissions with cannabis.

“Protecting our children is an integral part of this plan and includes strict restrictions on packaging, labeling and advertising, as well as severe penalties for anyone who sells cannabis to anyone under the age of 21,” he said Glad. Linda Lopez.

The legislation was sponsored by Rep. Javier Martinez, Rep. Andrea Romero, Rep. Debbie Armstrong, Senator Linda Lopez, and Senator Katy Duhigg.

“Legalizing cannabis is ultimately a public health measure. If we regulate the industry, we can control product quality, protect consumers and bring the dangerous illegal market to a standstill in our state, ”he said MP Debbie Armstrong. “This bill contains dozens of necessary safeguards to protect our youth, ensure adequate care for the medical program, and provide additional funding for programs, services, and research to support the health and wellbeing of New Mexicans.”

Deletion of convictions

Governor Lujan Grisham, who has campaigned for legalization since he took office, has signed a bill authorizing the erasure of old low-level cannabis convictions from the records of what is likely to be tens of thousands of New Mexicans and allows for the possible early release of convicted cannabis offenders low-level who are currently incarcerated.

“Thousands of people, and a disproportionate number of them from color communities, have done injustice in this country’s failed war on drugs,” he said Sen. Jerry Ortiz and Pino. “We will all benefit from our state’s intelligent, fair, and equitable new approach to previous low-level beliefs.”

“For decades, our color communities have been discriminated against for minor cannabis offenses. So we must ensure that those who are not arrested today do not continue to be jailed or convicted for acts that are no longer crimes.” said MP Andrea Romero. “By ensuring justice and social justice in our cannabis legalization, we are saying ‘enough’ about the devastating ‘war on drugs’ that has over-imprisoned and over-punished thousands of New Mexicans.”

This important social justice effort was sponsored by Sen. Lopez, Sen. Duhigg, Rep. Martinez, Rep. Romero, and Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino.

“Signing the cannabis legalization and expulsion package will provide farmers and other small businesses with equal opportunities and long overdue justice – including automatic expulsion – for those with previous cannabis arrests or convictions,” he said Emily Kaltenbach, Senior Director, Resident States and New Mexico, Drug Policy Alliance. “We thank the governor and our legislative allies for not answering ‘no’ and stopping at nothing until we were able to help the New Mexico communities – especially Hispanic / Latinx, Black, Native and Indigenous – to do justice to those who have been immensely harmed by the ban on cannabis. “


“This legislation is a big, big step forward for our state,” he said Governor Lujan Grisham. “Legalized adult cannabis will change the way we think about New Mexico for the better – our workforce, our economy, our future. We are ready to break new ground. We are ready to invest in ourselves and the limitless potential of New Mexicans. And we are ready to work to make this industry a successful one. “

The governor’s signature on the final bills received from the special session at her desk concludes an incredibly productive term in the spring of 2021, during which the legislature and governor achieved a number of significant political achievements, including many that were either election promises and / or longstanding priorities for the governor.

In addition to passing an electoral amendment to the Constitution that would approve an additional portion of the state’s Land Grant Permanent Fund for early childhood education and in addition to legislature’s long-awaited welfare measures authorized and enacted governor Nearly $ 1 billion in direct pandemic aid to individuals and businesses across the state, including $ 200 million in small business grants, $ 500 million in small business loans, a hospitality and restaurant tax vacation, a $ 600 tax rebate Dollars for working families and a major tax overhaul that will lead to a significantly increased tax rebate for tens of thousands of middle class families in New Mexico.

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