New York faculties are including hashish programs after legalization

With Legalization of cannabis for adults When they finally get to New York, colleges and universities across the state are adding cannabis to their curriculum. However, this is not a big surprise given how quickly the national cannabis market is maturing. But when you consider how taboo cannabis was – just a few decades ago – it shows how far we have come.

Excelsior College is now offering online Masters courses that can lead to a final certification in “Cannabis Control”. In addition, they also want to expand their elementary school classes.

“We are able to educate people about the cannabis industry,” said Scott Dolan, dean of the Excelsior College graduate program. he said New York Post. “Cannabis will be a multi-billion dollar industry in New York by 2025.”

Dolan went a step further and explained how the class will educate students about the complexities of how the cannabis industry works. This includes how entrepreneurs must comply with a variety of differentiated government regulations.

Dolan went on to explain that such courses can be beneficial for a number of degree programs. While it seems that cannabis courses only benefit business students, there is also great potential for accountants, lawyers, health professionals, and those working in the insurance industry.

With cannabis still illegal at the federal level, there is still a lot to learn as you maneuver through the law. And given how big cannabis is getting, chances are students in these other professions will find themselves in a situation where marijuana is directly involved.

The State University of New York (SUNY) locations currently offer 10 different courses on the marijuana and hemp industry. These courses cover a range of aspects of cannabis, from law to agriculture to medicinal properties.

“Our mission is to give students access to meet the needs of the workforce,” said SUNY Chancellor James Malatras in an interview. “It’s not an easy thing. This is a seismic law shift. “

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