New York lawmakers are breaking the “deadlock” of legalizing marijuana and awaiting the invoice “the following day or so”.

New York could be the next state to legalize marijuana, as Senate reports suggest that lawmakers and the governor have finally reached an agreement on DUI laws.

With the discussions about driving disorder settled, it appears that the law to legalize marijuana will be officially introduced in the next ten days.

In a virtual press conference on Tuesday, Senate Chair Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​(D) said: “I think we’re really, really close to marijuana [legalization]we have overcome the impasse of driving disruptions “

The language for the legalization law has not yet been set, but Stewart-Cousins ​​has stated that it will likely include the provision of tax revenue for training police officers to identify driving disorders.

Cuomo Cannabis Licenses

In negotiating with Governor Andrew Cuomo, pro-cannabis advocates managed to secure two concessions on cannabis laws, namely growing cannabis for personal use and allocating marijuana tax revenue for social justice programs.

Governor Cuomo has made marijuana legalization a priority in his budget. For the past two years, disagreements over tax policies and funding for social justice programs have hampered negotiations on cannabis legalization.

Despite the governor’s approval, there are concerns about legalization’s implementation among proponents and lawmakers working for legalization. Sources suggest that Governor Cuomo is pushing for a clause to be included in legislation that would allow police to continue and search cannabis-based procedures regardless of the legality of the weed.

While New York’s pro-cannabis activists are optimistic, there is an urgent need to get this bill passed as soon as possible. Recently, Governor Cuomo was under scrutiny when several women made sexual harassment allegations against him. In addition, evidence has surfaced that Cuomo mishandled data from nursing homes regarding their COVID-19 death rates from those nursing homes.

Governor Kathy Hotchul (D), Cuomo’s successor when indicted, has stated that “much of the [governor Cuomo’s budgeting plan] is being negotiated with lawmakers, and all of these details can also be cleared up with their submissions, ”suggesting a revision of the governor’s marijuana legalization plan is up for negotiation.

Regardless of who the governor of New York is, sentiment across the state seems to be pointing to a growing understanding that recreational marijuana will be legalized very soon. Governor Cuomo has pressured lawmakers to legalize marijuana this year to help the New York economy during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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