New York’s Native American communities think about leisure hashish

New York Native American communities plan to get into the recreational marijuana business soon after the state passed a law legalizing adult use.

The Shinnecock Indian Nation on Long Island is planning to build a marijuana cultivation facility with hopes of starting sales later this year, while the Saint Regis Mohawk tribe of upstairs New York City is planning a regulation regulating the legal, according to The Post MJ suggested for adults. Standard in Syracuse, Newsday, and the Plattsburgh Press Republican.

At least one other community, the Oneida Indian Nation in central New York, is reportedly investigating the problem. Some of the Native Americans already grow marijuana for medical purposes or are in the legal industrial hemp business.

Heather Trela, a fellow at the Rockefeller Institute at SUNY Albany and an expert on marijuana policy, told The Post-Standard that New York’s new recreational marijuana law doesn’t specifically address the problem of sovereign Indian land.

“It’s a bit cloudy,” she said, “like a lot of things in legalization.”

But she said tribal communities appear to have the right under federal law to legally grow and sell marijuana on their land.

If so, Native American communities could be the first to sell recreational marijuana in the state, even to non-Native Americans.

But non-Indians could only buy the legal amount and not take the marijuana out of the territory, Trela ​​said.

Industry experts otherwise predict that commercial marijuana sales in New York are unlikely to begin for 12 to 18 months.

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