Ohio will almost double its licenses for medical marijuana meting out

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy will provide 73 medical cannabis dispensaries across the state due to the exponential number of patients.

Lack of medical marijuana dispensaries in Ohio

Ohio’s medical marijuana control program reported more than 135,000 medical marijuana patients across the state last year. This is significantly higher than the approximate figure of 12,000 to 24,000 patients they thought they would have acquired in the past two years. This became a problem as many patients were unable to get to any of the 73 different locations as some locations turned out to be far too long a journey. Lorrie Callahan, a West Milton resident who uses medical marijuana, said, “I’m incredibly excited because it means they are actually listening to the patients.”

Callahan was more than thrilled to hear this news as she often has to make tedious trips to pharmacies in a galaxy far, far away, or at least it seems that Dayton to Springfield to Monroe is not a drive anyone wants to make to get medicines find, but she did it because it is necessary for her health and well-being. She also struggled to find the groceries in stock that would allow her to function and keep a job because “I have to hover between three pharmacies because they’re not all consistent on their products yet”.

Matt Close, director of the Ohio Medical Cannabis Industry Association, said he requested 100 pharmacies in the new proposal. Although the medical marijuana dispensaries top up has been approved, it may not be enough for the future. “I think my members think it’s fair and the distribution is positive. We just want to make sure that with 7,500 patients a month we can add more quickly and nimbly, ”he said.

New licenses and locations in Ohio

These new licenses will receive an RFA II application process similar to that used for the first round of licenses. The exact nature of the application will be announced in the spring or summer until the rule is changed in the court. “As before, RFA II will require applicants to identify the districts to which they are applying, and based on those districts, provisional pharmacy licenses will be issued. The districts will remain the same as in the previous RFA, ”says this proposal.

After that, all applications are evaluated to determine who is considered a qualified applicant. Eligible applications are then submitted to a lottery system that “holds individual lotteries for each pharmacy district with available licenses,” the proposal says. This worries some pharmacy operators like Larry Pegram, the president of Pure Ohio Wellness. “It’s a little worrying that it’s going to be a lottery system. I would expect everyone to want to get their medical products from the highest scoring applicants, not just out of a hat. “

While it is understandable to be concerned about this, all applicants will have the same requirements, which makes the playing field more even. While we’re excited about Ohio expanding its medical legal departments, more activism from marijuana enthusiasts to push for better access has proven to be a movement to be reckoned with.

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