OLCC Commissioners Ratify Outlawed Marijuana Infringement Settlement – MJNews Community

OREGON: At their monthly meeting on August 19, 2021, the commissioners of the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission ratified the following fine and suspension violations based on agreed settlements (please refer to the OLCC website for detailed information on specific cases):

SUNNY RA ACRES, Inc. in Shady bay pays a fine of $ 4,950 OR serve a 30-day suspension of the recreational marijuana producer’s license for a breach.

Licensees are: Sun Breeze, Inc .; Brie Malarkey, President / Director / Shareholder; Jon Cunningham, Secretary / Treasurer / Director / Shareholder.

HIGHLAND ORGANIC FARM in Estacada pays a fine of $ 5,610 OR Serving a 34-day suspension of the recreational marijuana producer’s license for four violations.

Licensees are: High Country Organic Farms, LLC; Christopher Kemper, Kelly Morgan, John Meyer Jr., and Rich Meyer, members.


* The locations of OLCC marijuana producers, processors, and wholesale licensees are exempt from disclosure under Oregon law.

A copy of the agreed settlement agreements for marijuana injury cases can be found on the OLCC website on the Laws and Rules page in the Final Orders section.

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