Olivia Newton-John and her daughter could not agree on all items of music, however they share Weed’s help

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“I understand this wasn’t really Chloe’s genre of music. It was new to her. So I went to dinner when she did her first run. I came back and heard it and it sounded great, ”Newton-John said of the process of recording the song together. “We sang it through together – Chloe has her style and I have mine – and we mixed them together.”

It was also a coincidence that a song about unity was released amid COVID-19. “The world is suffering and people are in great pain and division. Now is the perfect time to return in oneness.”

Although Newton-John had no plans for future recordings, “this song got me involved,” she passed on, adding that it offered “a beautiful message” about oneness, compassion and love.

Olivia Newton-John and John Easterling kiss under the mistletoe. /. Photo by Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund, Twitter

Newton-John is also hoping to send a message through the Olivia Newton-John Foundation Fund. There is money going into herbal medicine research “so we can show people the scientific evidence,” she told the Hollywood Reporter.

“There’s a lot of it out there but I want to be able to bring it to people and show that it’s really beneficial, especially with cancer. That’s the focus for my husband and me right now, ”she said in the interview.

And how exactly does Newton-John use cannabis? Tinctures are their preferred method. “John makes tincture and it keeps my pain in check and helps with my mood, with sleep, with inflammation. It was great for me, ”she said.

Singer Olivia Newton-John (R) and her daughter Chloe arrive at the 27th annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles on January 17, 2000.  AFP PHOTO Jim RUYMEN (Photo credit should be JIM RUYMEN / AFP via Getty Images)FILE: Singer Olivia Newton-John (R) and her daughter Chloe arrive for the 27th annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles on January 17, 2000. Photo by JIM RUYMEN / AFP via Getty Images

Lattanzi, for their part, often opt for gummy foods. “I find it to be more body-based than mental,” she said, adding that it helps with pain and anxiety.

When asked where they are at the moment, “We are in California [where recreational cannabis is legal], at my home. Chloe is visiting, which is wonderful and a lovely day, happy to be alive, “Newton-John replied.

When asked what she learned during COVID-19, she added: I love to have peace, to be in one place, to plant something and to be able to eat it. And being able to watch the seasons change and have a quiet time. “

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