Ontario approves 420th hashish retail retailer

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According to AGCO data, there are now 430 cannabis retail stores approved to open in the province, an additional 140 applications marked as “Processing” and nearly 800 applications for stores that are no longer available or about to expire approaching the public notice period.

Despite the advances, Ontario still lags behind Alberta, which has more than 500 stores across the province.

Quebec, the country’s second largest province, has a state-owned retail monopoly. So far, the province has only opened 60 cannabis stores.

According to the latest statistics from Statistics Canada, retail cannabis sales in Canada were over $ 260 million in November, up 93 percent year over year.

Ontario led all provinces and territories with sales of more than $ 83 million in November and also saw the largest year-over-year increase in sales from $ 31 million in November 2019 to $ 83 million in November 2020, which is 168 Percent corresponds to an increase in cents.

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