Oregon Hashish Fairness Act Set For Listening to

As we reported earlier this month, Oregon attorneys have created and dropped groundbreaking social justice laws. If this legislation is passed, it will set a precedent for other states to legalize cannabis and social justice, and ultimately for the whole country to federally legalize cannabis.

Oregon HB 3112: The Oregon Cannabis Equity Act

Oregon lawmakers will delve deeply into HB 3112, the Oregon Cannabis Equity Act, for the first time on Thursday at a House Justice Committee hearing. The bill, drafted by a coalition of over 80 groups and individuals, calls for cannabis tax revenues to be used to facilitate direct investment in the people and communities hardest hit by cannabis crime.

Please support the bill and sign the petition and support the act on behalf of your organization or company.

Rep. Ricki Ruiz, one of the main sponsors of the measure, said the use of cannabis taxpayers money to repair the damage suffered by individuals and communities from over-arrest and imprisonment needs to be addressed now.

“We have a unique opportunity at this session to really improve the lives of Oregonians, who for decades bore the brunt of cannabis criminalization,” said Rep. Ruiz, lead sponsor of the bill. โ€œThe data is clear that black, Latin American and indigenous Oregonians are often the victims of arrests and then suffer the consequences far more often than the population in general. By using cannabis tax revenue to finance home ownership, professional training, health care and eviction, we can repair some of the damage caused and instantly improve their lives. “

Oregon Cannabis Equity Act Hearing

The hearing is scheduled for Thursday, March 11th at 1:00 p.m. Click here to watch the virtual hearing.

Main sponsors of HB 3112 include representatives Janelle Bynum, Ricki Ruiz, Mark Meek, Julie Fahey and Senators Lew Frederick and Kayse Jama. Current sponsors are the representatives Karin Power, Pam Marsh, Maxine Dexter, Zach Hudson and Khahn Pham.

โ€œThe work we have done on criminal justice reform is a start to repairing the damage caused by the criminalization of cannabis. But there is more work to be done. The obliteration portion of HB 3112 offers tens of thousands of Oregonians a much-needed fresh start. And direct investment in communities will provide a way forward for those who today have been denied equal access to the economic system in our state and country, โ€said Senator Lew Frederick.

More information on the Oregon Cannabis Equity Act can be found here.

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