Police set fireplace to giant flames deep within the forest and destroyed $ 12 million price of hashish

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More than 1,200 plants as well as two seedling beds and 12.5 kilos of dried flowers were destroyed.

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The growthOp The police found five lots and two active cultivation areas. The police found five lots and two active cultivation areas.

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Cannabis is decriminalized in Trinidad and Tobago, but its cultivation is limited to two plants and weighs 30 grams. Anything above these amounts could result in fines and criminal charges.

Last year, as part of a revision of the country’s cannabis regulations, the records of more than 500 people who had previously brought charges of possession were erased.

“Those 505 people need to know when their matters are raised, that they have to seek a dismissal from the court as soon as that is the only matter they have in court,” Justice Norton Jack said last January. “Parliament’s intention is very clear.”

The revised cannabis laws of Trinidad and Tobago went into effect in December 2019. “The benefits of cannabis are now undeniable and the deep mistakes made by many, especially the marginalized and poor, due to the demonization of this plant without any scientific evidence must stop,” said Rose-Marie Belle Antoine, Chair of the Regional Commission of the Caribbean Community for marijuana.

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