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These 420 coast-to-coast cannabis lovers will have even more reason to celebrate. In recent months, New York has shown itself to be the most advanced social justice program to date. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a law to legalize cannabis in February. and most recently Virginia enacted outdated and racist prohibition laws and became the 16th state to legalize recreational cannabis.

With legalization comes a steady stream of new and innovative products, each offering a unique or delicious way to enjoy cannabis or to show your support for the culture.

To help you get the most out of Unofficial Weed Day, we’ve rounded up ten essential products that will enhance all aspects of your 420 experience as well as your daily cannabis ritual. Let’s celebrate this plant in tip-top shape every day.

420 goody box

Is there anything more fun than receiving a package full of surprising weed goodies in the mail? Cannabis subscription boxes have become fashionable in the last few years and offer everything you need to enhance your smoking experience, such as pipes, papers, and lighters. Keep the 420 festivities going all year round and treat yourself or someone special to a 420 Goody Box subscription. The OG Goody Box comes with an exclusive piece of glass, clothing and other smoking utensils. You can also move up to the Top Shelf Goody Box, which contains high quality, exclusive pieces of glass, merch and much more. – from $ 27.98

Boveda moisture control packages

Any cannabis aficionado knows that Boveda’s cannabis products are the best in the game for protecting your bud’s terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids until you’re ready. Using patented technology, Boveda’s moisture control packs keep everything you store at just the right humidity. Just slide a Boveda packet into your storage jar or can and this will keep your weeds fresh and clean. – starting at $ 4.99

King Palm’s natural pre-rolled cones

The cool factor associated with smoking blunts cannot be compared to any other smoking device. But they have their drawbacks – like being made from tobacco and requiring quite a lot of role-playing. King Palm’s pre-rolled natural leaf cones are the perfect addition to your 420 celebration. Each cone is hand rolled to ensure you have the perfect smoke – just wrap it up with your favorite buds to enjoy. It’s that simple. If you’re in the mood for 4/20, try the Vanilla Gold Roll, which is rolled in real gold and has a vanilla-infused filter tip for a smooth, tasty hit. – from $ 1.00

Gravity water pipe made of Stüdenglas

Every now and then a groundbreaking product comes out that makes people sit up and say, “I need that.” The Stüdenglas Gravity Shisha is one such product. You probably know the rotating glass shisha in Seth Rogen’s viral video in which he is gripped by a coughing fit after being hit. Powered by kinetic energy, the device uses cascading water and reverse airflow technology to provide a powerful smoking experience. This state-of-the-art gravity bong is made for first-rate enthusiasts and will no doubt add even more to your 420 celebration. – $ 599

The Storz & Bickel volcano

Vaping cannabis is a tasty and efficient way to enjoy your terps without breathing hot smoke into your lungs. Storz & Bickel is one of the OGs for dry herb vaping devices and their tabletop vape, the volcano, is a cultural icon. Whether you are chilling at home or on the go this April 20th, Storz & Bickel has a device for you. The digital Volcano Hybrid has a patented combination of convection and conduction heating that you can control via an app on your phone. To get your weeds out on the streets, you can choose between Mighty, Crafty +, and Plenty. – from $ 249

Yes, would wear

Is your 420 outfit ready? If not, Oui’d Wear has you covered. Founded by two University of Arizona students, Oui’d offers a range of comfortable hoodies, pants and hats that showcase the company’s passion for legalizing fashion and cannabis, advocates of social justice. Oui’d proudly supports Steve DeAngelo’s Last Prisoner Project, which fights for the freedom of over 40,000 people currently incarcerated for cannabis offenses. Show your love for sweet nugs and social justice while relaxing in style with Oui’d Wear. – from $ 15

Quesada watches

Do you need to know when it is 4:20 on 420? Get a handcrafted luxury watch from Quesada. The company offers two watches, each named after cannabis culture pioneers – Lowell Eggemeier and Lester Grinspoon. Each elegant watch is handcrafted in Portland, Oregon, with a Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, jewelry-grade stainless steel cases, and a locally sourced leather strap. Also included is an additional NATO strap, which is a fun and functional way to showcase your watch. The Grinspoon comes with an olive green leather strap and a NATO sand bracelet, while the Eggemeier comes with a rye brown leather strap and a light purple NATO strap. – $ 1,850

The Fusion Face Mask from Hanfschwarz

On the way to April 20th? Protect yourself and know that you will also look after the health of the planet with a face mask from Hemp Black. The company is dedicated to developing products that are sustainably and ethically manufactured. The Fusion face mask offers protection through an innovative combination of antimicrobial hemp and copper technology. Unique elementary fibers infused with odor neutralizing hemp at the molecular level keep it fresh. It’s reusable, machine washable, and its seamless shape molds to your face for a comfortable, custom fit. – $ 24.95

Jonathan Adler trays

Jonathan Adler creates a world of functional and fabulous ceramics, timelessly chic furniture and indispensable home accessories in his SoHo studio. Adler’s collections specialize in so-called “modern American glamor” and include cannabis and drug paraphernalia – essential for all bougie stoners. Keep your 420 coffee table updated with one of the designer’s catchalls, such as: B. his Atlas Rolling Tray with trippy profiles in brilliant blue. Made from shiny china and wrapped in a nifty box, this is sure to make any fancy folk’s 420 game even better. – starting at $ 28.99

TarCutter Medical Grade Filter

Smoking cannabis remains the most popular form of consumption. But if you’re not lucky enough to grow your own or know exactly where it came from, you run the risk of inhaling impurities along with your delicious thanks. The TarCutter Medical Grade Filter uses a unique filter system made from coconut carbon and medical grade stainless steel to reduce this potential exposure. Just clip it to the mouthpiece of your bong for a smoother hit without affecting the effect or taste of your buds. – $ 199

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