Push in Florida to restrict THC in marijuana seems over

A Florida legislative effort to limit THC levels in medical marijuana is – likely – dead for this year.

The controversial HB 1455 bill would have limited THC to 10% for flowers and 60% for concentrates.

It was one of several measures proposed across the country to limit THC potency, which could seriously affect sales in the industry.

The move, unsupported by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, had to unlock another committee before going to the full house for a vote.

According to the Miami Herald, the committee, Health and Human Services, met for its last scheduled meeting on Monday without taking up the bill.

Committee chairwoman Colleen Burton, a Republican from Lakeland, told the Herald that she hadn’t put the bill on the agenda because of poor progress in the Senate, with little chance of becoming law.

“I think the bill is practically dead,” affirmed the sponsor of the measure, Spencer Roach, a Republican from Fort Myers.

But Roach added that “nothing is really dead” until the legislature ends on April 30th.

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