Regulatory Replace: Congress Asks Biden to Apologize for Hashish Crimes and Extra

By Nina Zdinjak

Members of Congress ask President Biden to excuse federal cannabis offenses

Thirty-seven members of Congress addressed a letter to President Joe Biden asking for a blanket pardon for those who have committed federal nonviolent cannabis offenses. (h / t NORML)

The letter was first signed by Barbara Lee and Earl Blumenauer, the co-chairs of the Cannabis Caucus in Congress, who led the initiative.

The legislature wrote:

  • “During your previous tenure in the White House, President Obama understood that decades of strict and discriminatory federal drug laws have unfairly trapped minorities and communities in cycles of desperation. Therefore, he used the tools of justice to bring mercy to 1,927 people convicted of federal crimes. Most of these people had been convicted of drug charges and would not have been convicted as harshly, if at all, by today’s standards. “
  • “During your campaign, you pledged to” automatically remove all previous marijuana convictions for use and possession. “We therefore urge you to exercise executive mercy on all non-violent cannabis offenders. We look forward to working with you and to work with the new Attorney General to make this happen quickly. “

It is estimated that there are millions of US citizens arrested and sentenced for cannabis, many of whom are very young or are part of a minority.

The California bill proposes legalizing specific psychedelics

A new Senate bill was tabled Wednesday to legalize possession of certain psychedelics in California.

The bill was submitted by Senator Scott Wiener and three Cosponsors of the Assembly (h / t Marijuana Moment).

Under the new legislation, possession of magic mushrooms, LSD and DMT would be legal, and people with a criminal record of owning or using these psychedelics could also request cancellation.

Photo by eskymaks / Getty Images

In addition, the draft law proposes the formation of a group to deal with the questions of potential future regulatory structures for psychedelics.

Other psychedelics covered by the legislation are ketamine, mescaline, MDMA, and ibogaine.

Social sharing would also become legal.

“Politics should be based on science and common sense, not on fear and stigma,” said Wiener. “The war on drugs and mass incarceration are destructive and failed measures and we must end them. Given the severity of our mental crisis, we should not criminalize people for using drugs that show promise in treating mental illness. “

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It’s worth noting that the Senator’s office says the bill is not intended to imitate a “cannabis model” or create the ground for psychedelics retailing. However, it aims to help “end the failed War on Drugs approach to combating psychedelics, while building on the science and research in the psychedelic field to create the potential for a therapeutic framework that could help people with the effects struggling from depression. Anxiety, PTSD, and other health problems. “

Pennsylvania Governor is pushing for cannabis legalization

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has often expressed his support for cannabis legalization (h / t High Times).

The final push came in a series of tweets in which Wolf reiterated his appeal to end the recreational cannabis ban.

The revenue from the adult market would significantly help the Keystone State economy recover from the damage caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, he said.

Pennsylvania Senators unveil bill to promote an adult cannabis programPhoto by Igor Oliyarnik via Unsplash

“I want Pennsylvania to begin its adult marijuana legalization process this year,” Wolf said Wednesday morning. “The profits from this move would help us recover from COVID. It is also time we got back to justice to those harmed by the criminalization of marijuana. “

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In another tweet, Wolf noted that lawmakers should aim to “keep up with other states and legalize adult marijuana.”

Malta’s prime minister says cannabis could be decriminalized

Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela announced Thursday that the government is working to legalize the “responsible use” of cannabis. (h / t leafie)

“The reform proposes the elimination of police arrests for cannabis for personal use,” the Prime Minister’s Office told Lovin Malta in a written statement.

Abela says cannabis users may soon be able to grow their own plants too.

This is the first time a government official in Malta has given “a clear indication of the direction in which the promised reform will go”.

“By increasing ownership lines to a reasonable level, users avoid police interrogation and legal proceedings. The government is also considering allowing a small number of plants to be grown for personal use only. “

Malta recently hit the headlines over the arrest of a couple caught with cannabis on Valentine’s Day. The arrest was greeted with strong and widespread opposition.

Roberta Metsola, Member of the European Parliament, who represents Malta, tweeted: “Are we really still charging teenagers to smoke a joint? If only we chased the corrupt with the same passion, our country could just go forward … “

This article originally appeared on Benzinga and was republished with permission.

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