Reshaping the hashish focus market

(Editor’s Note: This story is part of a recurring series of comments from professionals in the cannabis industry. Mike McDonald is CEO and President of the San Francisco-based cannabis company Ammonite.)

A decade ago, I pioneered the growth of Atlas Snowshoes, which had just invented and launched a modern snowshoe.

Some consumers associated snowshoeing with poor equipment, lengthy exercise, and winter vacationers preferring to turn away from ski resorts.

That just wouldn’t work.

That’s why we’ve used innovative engineering and design to create equipment people want to own and partnered with major ski resorts around the world to create the luxury snowshoeing experience known today.

The lessons I learned then serve me well now as I face similar and new challenges in the cannabis industry.

As the President and CEO of Ammonite in San Francisco, which makes the Dablicator Oil Applicator, I work to educate consumers and transform the way people perceive concentrates.

While concentrates – a product category that includes oil, wax, rosin, and chips – are becoming a preferred method of consumption among select cannabis connoisseurs, the majority of users give little thought to the category or, worse, don’t even know much about it.

Consumer education, design upgrades, and strategic partnerships will change that.

Hardware improvements

Although the quality of cannabis oil has advanced over time, the hardware is stuck in the past.

Cannabis oil is mostly ingested with fragile plastic syringes that tend to leak.

Most oil syringes have metering indicators and use every last drop, but they are quite inconvenient and awkward to carry – two product characteristics that customers typically find uncomfortable.

They are neither the most welcoming nor the most suitable cannabis product to display at group meetings.

Mix in the fact that cannabis oil has historically targeted medical marijuana patients, it’s no surprise that the category is being ignored by much of the recreational market.

Dabbing and focusing has a specific ritual, similar to the old school flower experience going around a bong, and the modern applicator should encourage that particular atmosphere rather than polluting it.

Hence, the first step in reshaping consumer ideas about cannabis oil was to replace syringes with modern, easy-to-use devices that arouse curiosity among consumers

New oil devices combine convenience, discretion and precision in a user-friendly pen that is intuitive and directly addresses the wishes and needs of leisure consumers.

The best devices are anything the syringe isn’t, which makes it accessible to the average consumer.

Education and experience

Of course, equipment is one thing, but my time at Atlas taught me that education and experience are everything.

To get more people to use snowshoes, we partnered with resorts to create new and unique winter excursions with Atlas snowshoes that highlight the sport as a fun way to exercise outdoors for skiers and non-skiers alike.

When consumers experienced the wonder and serenity of floating on snow in wooded landscapes, they loved it.

Likewise, we need to show the masses the magic of concentrates.

Not only are concentrates banned from smoking, but they can also be used to enhance various cannabis experiences with precise dosing and immediate onset, from infusing food or drink to sealing a joint to simply placing it under the tongue.

By partnering with brands and retailers that consumers know and trust, we can increase awareness of this enhanced application and most importantly, build customer trust.

With the support of reputable companies in the field, consumers cannot ignore the possibilities these updated devices offer.

State support

By introducing initiatives to educate consumers about the various benefits of modern oil applicators and provide unique experiences for every demographic, we are re-imagining the value cannabis oil brings to the industry and introducing a whole new way to enjoy concentrates .

California and Colorado lead the cannabis oil movement, where the explosive growth category has crept into every state’s recreational market and, as we’ve seen in the past, where California and Colorado go, the rest of the US follows.

Seasoned cannabis users are currently a major contributor to the expansion of the concentrate industry, which is expected to reach over $ 13.78 billion by 2026.

However, there is an immense opportunity for cannabis oil to penetrate the larger consumer market as the trend spreads across states.

This is just the beginning of what these products can bring to the table.

Over time, the consumer experience will be elevated to unprecedented levels in the sector, available to both cannabis connoisseurs and new users alike.

Through forward-thinking design, education, and experience marketing, the cannabis oil industry can be completely transformed – just like snowshoeing.

Mike McDonald is President and CEO of Jetty Extracts founded consumer goods and brand company Ammonite. He can be reached at [email protected].

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